Privacy policy

Privacy policy

ISIDA-IVF LLC (ISIDA Clinic), isida-ivf.com, +38 (044) 455 88 14, info@isida-ivf.com.

This privacy policy regulates how we at ISIDA Clinic collect personal data of our patients, how we use it, store it and to whom we can transfer it.

I. How we collect data

Your personal data comes to us when you:

  1. leave them in the feedback forms on the website isida-ivf.com, isida.ua/eng/
  2. contact us with questions by e-mail info@isida-ivf.com
  3. are you using the online chat window on the website isida-ivf.com as a communication channel
  4. do you leave reviews about the clinic or evaluate the service isida.ua/eng/, isida-ivf.com/about-us/testimonials/

We collect all personal data with your consent, using mechanical consent under the forms to be filled out directly on the website or when you fill out documents at the ISIDA clinic and certify them with your signature.

II. What data we collect

At the ISIDA Clinic, we collect health data to provide medical services for which the patient applies to the clinic.

On the website isida-ivf.com we collect such data:

  • first name, last name – in order to identify the patient and provide personalized information;
  • phone number – to be able to respond promptly and provide the requested information as soon as possible;
  • e-mail – in order to provide the information you need in the form of comprehensive, detailed answers to the questions in the letter;
  • country – to understand the legislative policy of the country of which you are a citizen in terms of healthcare and medical services, which will make our initial feedback more informative and accessible to you;
  • description of your problem in the feedback form field – this information is not mandatory to specify, but by filling in this field, you help us collect all the necessary information at the initial feedback stage.
  • Your comments on the quality of medical services, standards, quality and safety of the service – a review sent by you voluntarily, using a special form, can be used, published both on the website and on other platforms that allow you to evaluate or influence the rating of the ISIDA clinic, while maintaining its original appearance.

III. Why do we need your personal data

We collect only the information that is really necessary to provide you with the services for which you apply to the ISIDA clinic.

On the website isida-ivf.com we collect such data:

  • first name, last name – in order to identify the patient and provide information to the right person;
  • phone – for the possibility of rapid response and provision of the requested information in the shortest possible time;
  • e-mail – in order to provide you with answers to questions and send you the information you need;
  • country – to understand the legislative policy of your country and provide a correct answer, taking into account these data.

IV. On what basis do we collect your personal data

This privacy policy regulates how we at ISIDA Clinic collect personal data of our patients, how we use it, store it and to whom we can transfer it.

V. To whom we share your personal data

We are committed to carefully store your personal data. We do not transfer them to third parties in order to offer you additional information, observing the policy of anonymity and confidentiality.

  • The persons listed below have access to personal data due to the need for their processing or storage, namely:Employees of the Marketing and Communications Department use personal data for the purpose of analytics, development of marketing strategy and its implementation;
  • Employees of the Department for Work with Foreign Patients process requests and provide all the necessary information, acting as personal managers of the patient from the moment of initial treatment until the predicted treatment results are achieved;
  • The medical service (doctors and assistants) collect anamnesis, on the basis of which a diagnosis is made and further treatment/ diagnostic tactics are determined;
  • Employees of the IT department ensure the safe storage of personal data in server systems;
  • Managers working with foreign companies;
  • The financial service, upon receipt of foreign currency funds, has grounds for processing information about the patient, the treatment program and its cost.

We may transfer data to third parties only in the case and in the manner expressly provided for by the legislation of Ukraine.

We can transfer data to external contractors who provide services to us for marketing purposes, but it will be encrypted data, with identification of patients by number, without specifying their full name or any other personal information. We check our contractors for compliance with the terms of GDPR Compliance, and guarantee that we will strictly monitor the preservation of your data by our partners.

VI. For what other purposes can we share your data?

We will do our best to protect your data, but we will be obliged to transfer it in the following cases:

  • if required by law (for example, to respond to a request from law enforcement and judicial authorities);
  • to protect our interests and prevent fraud.

VII. How long do we store your data?

All documentation is stored in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation.

At the request of the legislation of Ukraine, medical documentation, depending on the forms, can be stored from 6 months to 25 years.

The retention period of financial documents is 3 years, but these documents are archived no earlier than the audit of the State Fiscal Service takes place.

In this regard, the personal data of patients will be stored for the specified time. After it expires, we will store the data:

  • until you ask us to delete them;
  • as long as we have reasonable reasons to keep them or the law requires it.

VIII. Your rights

  • The right to be informed. The ISIDA Clinic’s privacy policy lists all the personal data we collect, how we store and use it.
  • The right to access information. If you want to receive the information that we store about you, you can contact us with this request and we will provide it to you.
  • The right to correct data. If the information we store about you is incorrect or has changed, write to us at gdpr-info@isida-ivf.com and we will make the necessary changes.
  • The right to be forgotten. We can delete all the data we store about you at your request. This right does not apply to data, the storage of which is provided for by the legislation of Ukraine.
  • The right to restrict processing. You can prohibit us from processing your data in a certain way.
  • The right to data mobility. You can get the data about you that we store and use it in any other services.
  • The right to withdraw consent. You can withdraw your consent to the processing of your data at any time. This right does not apply to medical data that we must store according to the legislation of Ukraine.

You can send any questions, requests and requests regarding the collection, processing and storage of personal data to Lilia Nerush, the employee responsible for personal data at gdpr-info@isida-ivf.com

The request must contain information that will allow us to identify you.

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