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We conduct joint treatment programs with doctors and institutions around the world. Your patient can undergo preliminary treatment in your clinic and come to us directly for fertilization, and we will be able to provide the highest quality and comfortable conditions for treatment. Our concerted efforts will also help to effectively achieve the desired result.

We provide

Vitrified embryos

Vitrified oocytes

The transport of fresh embryos

Full or partial treatment of patients in ISIDA clinic

Partnership algorithm

Send us an email or fill out the cooperation form;

Our manager will contact you to answer all questions and agree on all the details;

We will discuss the conditions and protocols of treatment;

Signing a contract;

You need to send us a frozen semen sample. We will perform the fertilization of donor oocytes and send you vitrified embryos. Donor sperm can be used for fertilization;

To vitrify oocytes: after agreeing on the protocol, we vitrify the donor oocytes and send them to you;

Donor oocytes are not verified, but transported in a special dewar. Such a procedure is possible only with rapid transportation, preferably within a few hours;

For the treatment of patients from other countries, we offer cooperation with your doctor. You can undergo an examination at your clinic. Together with your doctor, we will synchronize the cycles of the patient and the donor. You can come to our clinic only the day before the egg collection. At ISIDA clinic, we will conduct a fertilization treatment for you, after which you can immediately return to your home. Usually in such cases, doctors form groups of patients and accompany them to our clinic.

• The availability of an appropriate embryological laboratory, ready to accept and perform all the necessary procedures; • Preliminary clear coordination of protocols between our clinics.

Why us?

We have a successful long-term experience of cooperation with foreign clinics.

Every year 45% of all treatments are performed for foreign patients.

High efficiency of the procedure: the average response to stimulation is 18 eggs, 12-13 of which are mature.

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