Oocyte donation

What is IVF with oocyte donation?

In vitro fertilization is the fertilization of the egg “in vitro”, followed by the transfer of the embryo into the body of the expectant mother.
The cost of the service starts from €4200.


Natural menopause;

Premature ovarian insufficiency;

After removal of the uterine appendages;

After radiotherapy or chemotherapy;

Developmental anomalies (Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome, gonadal dysgenesis, etc.);

The presence of a gene with a mutation in the eggs of women with hereditary diseases associated with sex (Duchenne myodystrophy, hemophilia, X-linked ichthyosis, etc.);

Violation of the chromosomal structure of their own eggs;

Multiple IVF failures with insufficient ovarian response to superovulation induction, repeated production of poor quality embryos, the transfer of which does not lead to pregnancy;

Variable reserve reduction;

Absence/poor genetic quality of eggs;

Age over 43+;

Genetic pathologies;

Treatment stages

Survey before the start of the program

Your doctor may suggest passing certain tests to optimize preparation for pregnancy.

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