Greeting from the clinic

Greeting from the clinic

“Dear ladies and gentlemen, I address you with a feeling of the deepest Respect, Reverence and Complicity! I am 60 years old. And by this age, each of us begins to turn over (re-read the pages) the book of his own life story. I’m no exception.

I was born into a very simple working-class family and grew up without much income, but I remember how my parents tried their best to give me and my sister the very last thing they had.

I have my own big family today: my beloved children – daughters, son, son-in-law; my wife – with whom we have been together for more than 30 years; my granddaughter Michelle – who turned 1 year old!

My sister, my nephews… I have a big Family and I know what family happiness is.

There have been a lot of interesting things in my life from the point of view of creativity and professional activity. I’ve been involved in various interesting projects. He built factories, cities, engaged in international trade and banking, agribusiness and information technology.

23 years ago, by chance, I started investing in reproductive technology medicine. And today this project is the main one for me in my professional and creative activity. My favorite thing.

Today ISIDA Clinic is a significant project in private medicine not only in Ukraine, but also in the European space.

The main thing for me and the ISIDA medical team today is complicity in the fate of each patient who turn to us for help.

I feel a sense of pride that the doors of the clinic are opened for the first time every year for 12,000 patients.

The ISIDA Clinic today is a Family. A family of more than 600 doctors, administrators, nurses, laboratory assistants and other employees.

The family that we have always considered our patients to be members of.

We worry and rejoice together. We are going to our Dream together!

“It’s impossible,” said the Reason.

“This is reckless,” said Experience.

“It’s useless,” Pride snapped.

“Try it,” the Dream whispered.

Mahatma Gandhi

Dear friends, LET’S TRY TOGETHER! The ISIDA family opens doors for you.”

Victor Kozin

Why Ukraine

Optimal cost

One of the main reasons for choosing Ukraine is the cost of treatment, which is much lower than in the UK, USA, Israel and Western Europe.

Legal matters

Liberal legal framework allows us to provide our patients with a wide range of services that are not available in some countries, including surrogacy, oocyte and sperm donation. All medical procedures are performed in ISIDA Clinic according to Ukrainian legislation.

Comfort and no waiting list

With more than 29 years of experience and a personalized approach to each patient, we commit to your comfort, trust, and your treatment success.

Managers of International Patients Service Center

Emotions are one of the key factors in the occurrence of pregnancy. The International Patients Service Center available in the clinic will make sure that you feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire treatment. Personal coordinator is assigned to each couple will help to find an optimal and quick solution of all the organizational issues.

We will help you with:
booking all appointments
in the clinic
preparing paperwork
for ART programs
Clients and Insurance Companies Relations Manager

Anastasiia Karabuta

Managers of International Patients Service Center

Our manager will be in touch with you from the first contact until the end of the treatment. This is your personal guide on the way to a long-awaited pregnancy.

Anna Shtokalova

Deputy Director General for International Cooperation


Alexandra Sergijenko

International Patients Coordinator
Languages: English,
French, Italian

Anastasiia Karabuta

Clients and Insurance Companies Relations Manager

ISIDA Uzhhorod branch: European level of service and safety of every patient

Isida Uzhgorod

The outpatient department of ISIDA Uzhhorod hospitably opened its doors on March 25, 2022. We are proud of the fact that the branch started work at a difficult time for patients and doctors. We help couples feel the joy of parenthood, women – to observe pregnancy with experienced obstetrician-gynecologists.

The main areas of activity of the ISIDA clinic in Uzhhorod

ISIDA Uzhhorod specializes in 2 main areas:

  • treatment of all forms of male and female infertility;
  • pregnancy observation.

In addition, our specialists carry out treatment and diagnosis of gynecological diseases, examinations, prenatal and ultrasound examinations, postnatal and preimplantation diagnostics in order to detect genetic pathologies at the cellular and molecular levels.

Treatment of all forms of male and female infertility

The main barrier on the way to a woman’s reproductive health is infertility, which is directly influenced by heredity, ecology, lifestyle, bad habits, social factors, etc. There is also a rather delicate, but extremely relevant issue of male infertility.

Both problems are successfully solved by experienced fertility specialists of ISIDA Uzhhorod thanks to unique equipment and the presence of a genetic and embryological laboratory.

Today, ISIDA Uzhhorod doctors detect risks and associated diseases in advance that can put under the risk happy motherhood and parenthood. If patients come with an established diagnosis, they approach the problem comprehensively in order to successfully solve it.

ISIDA Uzhhorod is a branch of ISIDA clinic, and therefore:
we employ obstetricians-gynecologists, reproductive specialists, other narrow specialists ISIDA clinic (Kyiv);
We offer delivery management at the ISIDA clinic in Kyiv.

Services of the outpatient department of ISIDA, Uzhhorod

The following range of medical services is available in ISIDA Uzhhorod:

  • diagnostics and treatment of all forms of infertility;
  • diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases;
  • preventive examinations;
  • pregnancy monitoring: we pay special attention to pregnancies with complicated forms of gestation and pregnancies after IVF;
  • prenatal and ultrasound diagnostics and screenings during pregnancy;
  • ultrasound diagnostics of internal and pelvic organs, thyroid and breasts;
  • cytogenetic and molecular genetic diagnostics (NGS, examination for monogenic diseases);
  • biochemical, hormonal, cytological, immunological examinations.

up to 81.6%

Success of treatment

up to 81.6%

Success of treatment

since 1994


since 1994


10 000+

Happy families

10 000+

Happy families

from €3000

Optimal cost

from €3000

Optimal cost

Modern reproductive technologies in ISIDA Uzhhorod

For 28 years ISIDA clinic has been giving couples struggling with infertility the pleasure of parenthood. The ISIDA Uzhhorod department uses modern methods of reproductive medicine, including:

  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Intrauterine insemination with sperm of the husband or donor
  • Oocyte donation programs
  • Substitute motherhood
  • Preimplantation diagnosis of embryos (for 24 chromosomes by NGS method)

We are constantly developing, studying the experience of European and American colleagues. Therefore, each time we increase the chances of a woman’s first try to be successful.

ISIDA Uzhhorod genetics laboratory

ISIDA Uzhhorod offers a wide range of genetic tests: prenatal, postnatal and preimplantation diagnostics to detect genetic pathologies at the cellular and molecular levels. This is extremely important for infertility treatment programs, in case of miscarriage and for the diagnosis of hereditary diseases. We adhere to quality standards, have highly qualified specialists and modern equipment. Our laboratory regularly takes part in the international quality control of genetic research GenQA (Oxford, UK).

Many years of experience, numerous reviews of grateful ISIDA clinic patients and the desire of couples to return to us to feel the joy of parenthood again after the birth of their first child are a proof that you can confidently entrust us with your own health and the health of your unborn child.

Your result is our priority!

Visit ISIDA Uzhhorod to make your dream of becoming parents come true!

Isida Uzhgorod
Isida Uzhgorod

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