Treatment process

We were among the first in the country to master infertility treatment using modern ART methods. Now our specialists show high results for an affordable price.

Our medical center follows European treatment protocols and maintains an individual approach. We provide a range of services for your comfort from organizing your stay in Ukraine to the successful delivery and birth of a baby.

The treatment procedure

Stage 1
Stage 2
Puncture and fertilisation (ICSI)
Stage 3
Embryo transfer
hCG testing

Preliminary stage

Stage 1 Stimulation

Stage 2 Puncture and fertilisation (ICSI)

Stage 3 Embryo transfer

hCG testing

Preliminary stage


1. Contact us if you have taken the most important step – you have decided to start treatment at ISIDA clinic.

2. After receiving your request, the clinic manager will call you back within 24 hours. We will then send you a short form.

3. You will also receive a list of necessary examinations and tests to develop a treatment plan.

4. After receiving your results, we will give you the first recommendations and offer a treatment plan.

5. If you choose to be treated with donor cells, we will agree on a donor profile with you.

6. After discussing all organizational issues, we will send you an agreement on your treatment plan at ISIDA clinic.

7. When conducting a donor cycle, we will prescribe a list of medicines for you and their intake. This way we can synchronize your cycle with the donor’s cycle and prepare your uterus for pregnancy.

Treatment process

Depending on your treatment process:
Stay in Kyiv or Uzhhorod during 4-6 weeks
Stay in Kyiv or Uzhhorod

Upon your request, the clinic driver will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel.

Appointment at the clinic

We will ask you to fill in all the necessary documents and answer all your questions. Then our manager will take you to the doctor's appointment. If you need translation at a doctor's appointment, our manager will accompany you. We will perform an ultrasound for you and determine the date for the start of stimulation.

Stimulation of superovulation

When superovulation stimulation begins, we will provide you with all the necessary medications. Several times we will invite you to come to the ultrasound to control the process of stimulation. Throughout the process, your manager will be in touch and answer any questions.

Follicle puncture

After the maturation of the egg, you can undergo a puncture of the follicles. On this day, your partner needs to donate the sperm. To improve the effectiveness of treatment, it is important to observe sexual abstinence for 4-7 days before the procedure.
Your partner's cryopreserved sperm can be used for the fertilization process if it has been sent to a clinic with appropriate storage conditions. Donor sperm can also be used if needed.

Embryo transfer

After the puncture, the clinic manager will contact you and set a time for embryo transfer. On this day, you will agree with the doctor on the number of embryos to be transferred. Embryo transfer will be carried out under ultrasound guidance.

Start of pregnancy

Within 1.5-2 hours after the transfer, you will be able to leave the clinic and fly home the same day. The onset of pregnancy is ascertained on the 14th day after the transfer based on a blood test for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) - the so-called “pregnancy hormone”.

Non-transferred embryos are cryopreserved and can be transferred in subsequent treatment cycles.

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