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ISIDA Clinic is one of the largest women’s health and family planning centers in Ukraine. Our story started more than 29 years ago, and from the very beginning, the main direction was infertility treatment with the help of modern ART technologies. Hard work of our doctors, embryologists and biologists allowed tens of thousands of women to experience the joy of motherhood.

Our medical center is modern and spacious. We have grown to 4 branches in Kyiv with a total area of ​​over 10,000 m2. We have also opened a clinic in the south-western Ukrainian regional center Uzhhorod. All of our clinics are equipped with the latest diagnostic, laboratory and medical equipment.

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20 000+

Children born



Our clinic

In our work, we adhere to European treatment protocols and at the same time maintain an individual approach to each patient. Our team applies all their knowledge and experience to help you achive the so desired result.

Communication in your language

We know how important it is to understand your doctor in the process of treatment. Our International Deparment team provides service in 7 foreign languages. This allows our foreign patients to feel as comfortable and confident as possible throughout the entire treatment process.

Education and development

We constantly invest our time and effort into the training and professional growth of our medical staff. Our fertility specialists are the members of international associations who regularly participate in conferences on IVF technologies, undergo training in the world’s leading IVF clinics, confirm and upgrade their qualifications, as well as train colleagues from other medical centers. We conduct systematic nursing staff training, as well as carry out training sessions and internships.

Comprehensive programs

The long-term experience has shown how important it is for the families to not only get pregnant but also to be able to carry the pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. To make this possible, ISIDA clinic has a female counseling center, maternity and neonatal departments. Therefore, our clinic has developed comprehensive pregnancy monitoring programs. We are always ready to help mothers-to-be with pregnancy complications.

Private maternity hospital

Our medical center has a modern maternity hospital with its own neonatology department, where newborns can receive medical care. We are equipped with modern medical equipment. Our specialists have experience in nursing premature babies from a gestational age of less than 31 weeks.

Our advantages

ISIDA clinic is a unique place where you immediately feel comfortable and safe. You will be surrounded by medical professionals, the focus of which will be only you and your story. We are devotedly working on the fulfillment of your dream to have a healthy baby.

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Natalia Alipova

International recognition

ISIDA clinic has an international quality certificate QHA Trent, which confirms not only the level of specialists, but also the standards of treatment. For more than 9 years, we have been annually passing an exam for compliance with the level of standards adopted in Europe. We are crefully working on improvement of the services we provide every day.

Bruno Imturm, auditor, specialist in reproductive medicine, obstetrics and gynecology from Switzerland.

“The employees in ISIDA clinic are motivated and competent. I was amazed at the high quality of ISIDA standards”

“I assess the results of ISIDA clinic as very successful and significant, at the level of a recognized authority in the field of IVF, on a par with the world’s leading clinics”


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