Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

What is Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)?

Next generation sequencing is a pre-implantation genetic testing technique that significantly increases the chances of getting pregnant with IVF treatment and considerably reduces the risk of genetic pathologies.

The cost of the service starts from 300€.


The patient's age is 35+;

Habitual miscarriage;

Fetal chromosomal abnormalities in the history of pregnancy;

Several failed IVF attempts;

If one of the parents has chromosomal translocations.

In 2016, ISIDA clinic was one of the first clinics in Ukraine to introduce the NGS method, which allows diagnosing chromosomal abnormalities or monogenic diseases with an accuracy of 99.9% before embryo transfer procedure.

Treatment stages


Before starting our IVF program, all patients shall undergo a full examination in order to check if they have no temporary or permanent contraindications for using reproductive methods. If our patients have already done some of the necessary tests in another clinic, we can accept those test results (provided that they are valid) and exclude their cost from the price of their program. This reduces the cost of the program.

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Fertility specialist

Natalia Redko

NGS statistics in ISIDA

since 1994

Experience in
infertility treatment

since 1994

Experience in infertility treatment


Accuracy of determining
chromosomal abnormalities


Accuracy of determining chromosomal abnormalities

20 000+


20 000+

The babies born

The NGS method significantly increases the efficiency of the IVF program. The high accuracy of determining chromosomal abnormalities (99.9%) allows not only to avoid the risk of severe hereditary diseases, but also to considerably increase the success of embryo implantation.

Why you should entrust your dream of having a baby to ISIDA clinic?


We have been helping families to have children whose birth would be impossible without the help of doctors since 1994.

Diagnostic base

We have our own molecular cytogenetic laboratory, which specializes in reproductive disorders and genetic diagnostics.

Complex approach

We carry out a thorough diagnosis and, if necessary, endoscopic preparation before the use of assisted reproductive technologies.


The success of treatment in our clinic is at the level up to 81,6%, which is confirmed by the annual international professional expertise.


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