Egg donation

ISIDA clinic provides a large list of donors. If the candidate meets all your desired characteristics, we will invite her to participate in the program. The candidate will undergo all the necessary examinations in our clinic.

With the help of special medicines, we will synchronize the menstrual cycle of both parties. And on the 3-5th day of embryos development, they will be transferred to the patient’s uterine cavity, which will be the beginning of a successful conception.

How we select the donors

The selection of donors is a responsible process and ISIDA clinic approaches it very carefully. Our database constantly grows. Candidates undergo detailed medical, psychological, genetic and gynecological checks in our clinic for compliance with the requirements for donors. Only after passing all the necessary tests, they can be included into our database.

While selecting a donor different parameters are considered, such as height, weight, hair and eye color, nationality, education, family and children, blood type and Rh factor. One of the main factors in choosing a donor is the rhesus factor of the recipient and the donor. If the mother’s blood rhesus factor is negative, then the donor should be selected with a negative rhesus. This approach will avoid the rhesus conflict that threatens pregnancy. In other circumstances, the donor’s blood type and Rh factor will not affect conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Health requirements for egg donors:

  • the age should be in the range of 18-32 years;
  • at least one healthy child;
  • the absence of negative phenotypic manifestations;
  • satisfactory somatic health.

Contraindications for participation in the EGG donation program:

  • somatic and mental illnesses;
  • acute inflammatory diseases of any localization;
  • benign tumors;
  • malignant neoplasms of any localization;
  • hereditary diseases;
  • bad habits: smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction.

Egg donation in Ukraine:


Ukraine is a country with a predominantly Caucasian population. Here you can meet people with a variety of phenotypes: fair-skinned and swarthy, brown-eyed and blue-eyed, blondes and brunettes. The intellectual level of the nation is high - it ranks 10th in the World Average IQ, education - 99.8% ( Ukrainian women are famous for their beauty.


Donors can only be physically and mentally healthy women, without any bad habits (drug addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse), aged 20-32, already having healthy children. Information about them is collected in a special database.


A donor is selected based on the most suitable phenotypic characteristics (height, weight, blood type, hair and eye color), so that the child can inherit the desired traits.


In Ukraine, egg donation is anonymous. Neither you will know your the baby’s family nor they will know you.


Foreign patients choose us because of compliance of treatment with European standards, reasonable price compared to other countries and no waiting lists for treatment.

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