How to shorten the path to happy motherhood

For many couples who dream of having a child, but are not able to conceive naturally for some reason, IVF becomes the only chance to give birth to a long-awaited baby. Modern reproductive technologies are rapidly developing and are able to give the desired pregnancy even with the most severe forms of infertility. But how […]

Doctors of the ISIDA clinic held a master class “Implantation”

What will happen if the embryo implantation in the ART program occurs with violations? Pregnancy loss, complicated childbirth? Is it possible to avoid these dangers and increase the chances of a successful pregnancy? The answers to these and other questions were given by the doctors of the ISIDA clinic during the unique master class “Implantation”, […]

Vitrification: the essence of the method and its advantages

Often, during IVF, expectant mothers encounter such a term as “vitrification”, but in most cases they do not even suspect what it is. But it is often thanks to the use of vitrification that it is possible to significantly increase the chances of pregnancy, simplify the infertility treatment regimen and give a happy married couple […]

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