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ISIDA’s reputation. The value of each employee

Viktor KOZIN, CEO, co-owner of ISIDA, talks about the dream job, about the global and the little things, about the romantic and the serious, about the importance of the experience and mission of the clinic.рассказывает о работе мечты, о глобальном и мелочах, о романтичном и серьезном, о важности опыта и миссии клиники.

About Ukraine

I was and remain a patriot of Ukraine. Everything I do is for her good. To preserve basic values, to create a strong family, to raise children, to build a house, a theater or a clinic is also patriotism. I am a Ukrainian, and I am proud of it.

About the team

Our approach is that we do not nurture star doctors – we form a team, or rather, we create teams in different directions. For example, if we are talking about delivery, in the obstetric department all doctors are equal in capabilities. In turn, the team is interested in not having weak players in it. In ISIDA, the value of the service does not end with the doctor. There are many specialists next to him: midwives, nurses, junior medical staff and many others. This whole team is working to ensure that the patient receives a comprehensive quality service. Our patient does not choose a doctor, our patient chooses ISIDA!

About honesty

For ISIDA, the most important thing is patient safety. Therefore, we need to be responsible and honest at all times. The culture of honesty is one of the fundamental tools in ISIDA. This is what the patient expects from us.

About women

I have always treated woman as a whole as a deity. Let it sound pathetic enough, but it’s true. If you look from this point of view, it is important for me that ISIDA was the creator of women’s health, happiness, well-being. Women deserve to build a special relationship with them.

About development

The history of ISIDA is evolutionary. It was built by the women themselves, this is the result of their wishes. Now the same is happening with pediatrics: after a period of patronage, mothers do not want to leave us, which means that the clinic should develop and expand. And today we are strengthening this direction – in the near future we plan to make it even more powerful.

About reputation

More and more new patients come to us, because ISIDA has a well-deserved reputation. And the main thing in this is the human factor! Reputation consists of many little things. Each of our employees is valuable, because everyone forms a positive image of ISIDA for patients.

About qualifications

We allocate a lot of time and financial resources for staff training. We support the initiatives of doctors in terms of professional development. But at the same time, we are not very pedantic about various titles and regalia. Much more important for us is not a PhD thesis, but real experience, clinical practice of a doctor, especially if it is obtained within the walls of the ISIDA clinic. This is an absolutely unique value for us as a company, because in addition to the medical part, ISIDA also has a corporate culture.

About culture

The doctor’s intelligence is a matter of education and culture. If initially a person is internally cynical, it means that it is necessary to part even with a “star” – let him bring cash flows to another clinic, this does not suit us. Our team is very friendly. We are shoulder to shoulder together – for the sake of the patient.

ISIDA’s philosophy is simple: the patient is above all!

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