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International quality standards in ISIDA

On September 15-16, ISIDA successfully passed an independent audit and became the first clinic in Ukraine to receive a full certificate of international accreditation of medical institutions according to the British standard QHA Trent for a period of two years.

QHA Trent is a holistic standard for assessing the compliance of healthcare institutions – with a special focus on the services provided specifically by them. Unlike the ISO standard, which is industrial and describes the unified processes taking place in any organization, QHA Trent was created for medicine and is accredited by the International Society for Quality in Healthcare.

Some companies have been preparing for such an audit for years, and the result is not always positive. ISIDA received very high marks only after 6 months of preparation. This suggests that our clinic has strong traditions and quality management standards, including those related to regular quality audits according to ISO standards – ISIDA has been undergoing them since 2006.

“In preparation for accreditation, our clinic conducted an audit of all processes: from corporate governance and financial transparency to all aspects of clinical activity with an emphasis on safety and risk reduction in the provision of medical care – for compliance with the requirements of the holistic QHA Trent standard,”, – said Oleg PETRENKO, Deputy General Director for Strategic Development of the clinic.

Obtaining the certificate confirms that most of the processes at ISIDA comply with all international quality standards in healthcare, and also help to realize in which direction our clinic will develop further in the field of quality, since improvement is endless.

For ISIDA patients, this is undoubtedly an important indicator that the services provided by the clinic are of the highest world quality. At ISIDA, patients are guaranteed to receive safety and confidence in the result.

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