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ISIDA Clinic is recognized as one of the best in the world by rating

Dear friends, we are happy to share with you the wonderful news: for the second year in a row, the ISIDA clinic has been awarded the highest award from the medical search engine , forming a rating of the quality of patient care!

WhatClinic is a website analyzing information about more than 125,000 clinics worldwide. Last year, more than 15 million people visited this site to find, compare and choose the best clinic for treatment, based on the ratings of the resource and reviews from other users.

WhatClinic has been processing data from users regarding the ISIDA clinic for a year, including patient ratings, feedback data and contact ratings. And we have become one of the few clinics that meet all the standards necessary to receive this prestigious award. ISIDA is proud of its consistently high ServiceS core™ rating, and this year we managed to show a particularly high level of customer service. Less than 2% of clinics worldwide have received such an award this year.

It is a great honor and responsibility for us to be awarded such a high award, confirming the impeccable reputation of ISIDA in the world market and the guarantee of high quality of services provided. ISIDA Clinic is a close-knit team of real professionals, each of whom treats the work performed with special responsibility, awe and love. We always strive to ensure that our patients feel as comfortable and safe as possible, receiving exceptionally high-quality medical care. Each patient is unique and dear to us, so an individual approach is the most important principle of our work.

WhatClinic CEO David Rowe congratulated ISIDA: “The WhatClinic Customer Service Award has been around for nine years now. Since 2018, we have added tens of thousands of patient reviews of calls to the clinic to the ranking, evaluating institutions according to the criteria of staff politeness, quality of customer service by phone, as well as via email, online and in person.

Ratings are useful for both patients and clinics. Patients can see which clinics have received a high rating from other users, and clinics can evaluate their position in relation to other market players, ideally with the aim of further improving the quality of service for their patients, which, ultimately, is good for everyone.”

We are trusted with the most precious thing in life – the realization of the dream of a child. And for us, your confidence is important that this dream is entrusted to people who are able to realize it. Dear friends, we are grateful for your high appreciation, trust and love shown to us – this is the biggest reward for each of us, which inspires us to become even better and achieve even greater results!

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