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“When the baby was born, the husband fell to his knees and burst into tears”

Each person goes to his goal as much as he is destined to. Natalia and Valery went to the birth of the baby for 11 years. And, thanks to ISIDA, they succeeded.

Natalia, tell us about your acquaintance with ISIDA.

My husband and I have not had children for many years. We knew about our problems, struggled with them, turned to many specialists, but to no avail. When we started considering the option of reproductive technology, we chose from several clinics, but we settled on ISIDA – there were a lot of positive reviews about this clinic. And when they turned, they immediately found hope. And although the probability of success was low, everything worked out on the first try! We didn’t believe in our happiness for a long time – even despite a positive pregnancy test. The realization came when the toxicosis began.

Your first impressions of ISIDA – what were they like?

Very bright! And immediately noted the individual approach. I felt like the only patient in the clinic, everyone was so attentive to me. Doctors are very scrupulous at appointments, they do not miss a single detail. After the first consultation, I had confidence: it is here that what we have wanted for so long will happen.

Have you chosen the doctor you will be seeing?

No, I called and just made an appointment – and immediately got to Svetlana Viktorovna TURBANIST. It was very pleasant to communicate with her, we almost became close, because during the nine months of my pregnancy I came for consultations every two weeks.

How was the pregnancy?

Very good – I honestly expected it to be worse. I think in many ways it was easy thanks to ISIDA specialists. I always felt that I was in safe hands.

Was your spouse with you during the birth?

Yes, and Valera was the initiator of joint childbirth. It’s just wonderful that he was there, it was a very big support for me. When the baby was born, the husband just fell to his knees and burst into tears. And then he hugged the doctor, picked him up in his arms and almost strangled him with joy.

Have you already communicated with ISIDA doctors after the baby was born?

We called our doctor, Svetlana Viktorovna, the very next day – we made her happy! And then they came to ISIDA with their son.

What do you think is the secret of your success?

I am confident that we will succeed with ISIDA. We didn’t even consider the negative result! I set myself up like this: today we have IVF, and everything will go as it should.

What advice would you give to women who are going through the same difficult path?

Don’t lose hope. Yes, reproductive technologies are certain costs. But if a woman dreams of becoming a mother, if the spouses want children’s laughter to ring in the house, there is no doubt. Financial issues can always be resolved. Do not lose hope, believe in yourself and your dream, because thoughts are material. When you come to ISIDA, let you feel: “Here I will have a child.”

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