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Prenatal screening of fetal development disorders at the ISIDA Clinic: modern equipment and new screening algorithms

The most important question that every woman will ask almost from the first minutes of pregnancy until the very birth is “Is my baby healthy?”. And in order to answer this question as accurately as possible, as well as to prevent possible problems with the health of the unborn child, at the ISIDA clinic we use the best screening programs for prenatal diagnosis of fetal development disorders.

ISIDA Clinic has two own laboratories: clinical diagnostic and genetic. These laboratories employ highly qualified employees, professors, candidates of sciences, specialists of the highest category in the field of laboratory diagnostics. But the high accuracy of the results of their work primarily depends on high-quality laboratory equipment of expert class. That is why our clinic uses an automatic PerkinElmer DELFIA Xpress risk assessment analyzer in the LifeCycle program for prenatal screening. This is the only program that allows you to calculate the cumulative risk of the first and second trimesters during the phased implementation of screening.

Screening programs for prenatal diagnosis of fetal developmental disorders include ultrasound, biochemical and genetic markers. The ISIDA clinic uses certified FetalMedicineFoundation (FMF) software to calculate the risk of fetal chromosomal pathology according to ultrasound and biochemical screening data.

We are proud that it was at the ISIDA clinic that a new prenatal screening algorithm for the first trimester was developed, including four biochemical markers – the quadro-test PAPP-A, freehCGß, PlGF and AFP, which provides a more accurate definition of a high–risk group for the development of pathologies in the fetus – about 98% compared to competitor programs.

In addition, the combined screening protocol at the ISIDA clinic makes it possible to assess the risk of developing preeclampsia with a sensitivity of 96%.After all, preeclampsia is one of the most frequent and severe complications of pregnancy – it occurs in 5-10% of cases in the general population. Early detection of a high risk of preeclampsia significantly affects the outcome of pregnancy, and the appointment of preventive treatment can reduce the risk of premature birth and intrauterine development delay by more than two times.

With the latest equipment from PerkinElmer DELFIA Xpress with DelfiaXpress test kits and risk assessment in the LifeCycle program, ISIDA clinic specialists can calculate the risks of chromosomal abnormalities and preclampsia with high accuracy, conduct quadroscining for Down syndrome in the first trimester and conduct screenings at the earliest stages of pregnancy.

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