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Obstetricians and gynecologists of the ISIDA clinic have been trained in non-directive counseling

The success of treatment largely depends on the level of trust that arises between the doctor and the patient. The level of medical service and care for the psychological state of everyone who has sought help from ISIDA are among the most important priorities of the clinic. Therefore, we pay special attention to the psychological training of our specialists to consult patients, provide them with the opportunity to regularly improve their skills by participating in various master classes, national and international congresses and symposiums.

So, on December 14, 2018, a training on the topic “Methods of non-directive counseling” was held at ISIDA Medgorodok under the guidance of experienced lecturers Alexander Shkil and Sergey Ostapenko. This is the first of the planned training events of this kind for the staff of the ISIDA clinic. In the near future, a similar training will be held for the second group of obstetricians and gynecologists of the outpatient department.

With what expectations does the patient come to consult a doctor? Is it possible to avoid directive counseling and involve the patient in active listening? ISIDA specialists received answers to these and other questions at the training, during which they also analyzed the techniques of summarizing the consultation, improved their skills in dealing with emotional objections and claims of patients. All participants of the master class, realizing the importance of the issues raised and the tasks assigned to them, were determined to work actively and asked a lot of questions, recalling situations from personal medical practice.

We are convinced that the knowledge gained during the training will help our specialists reach new professional heights and give invaluable happiness to even more childless couples. Do not doubt, in ISIDA you will certainly receive the psychological support and qualified medical care you need – our clinic’s specialists will do everything possible to make your cherished dream come true!

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