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New Year’s miracle at the ISIDA clinic: pregnancy despite the diagnosis

On the eve of the New Year holidays, we believe in miracles more than ever and hope for the fulfillment of all our desires. At such a time, we all need happy, inspiring stories that will give us hope for the best. One of these stories is about Daria R. and her husband, who received their biggest New Year’s gift thanks to the ISIDA clinic – the opportunity to become parents.

In 2016, the ISIDA clinic initiated a social project: any married couple experiencing difficulties with conceiving a child could fill out a form on the website and get a chance to conduct a free infertility treatment program. Who exactly gets this chance was decided by the medical council.

One of the owners of the “lucky ticket” Dasha R., having received the news that the doctors of the ISIDA clinic are ready to help her and her husband become parents, simply did not believe her happiness. After all, before the visit to the ISIDA clinic, her husband was diagnosed with “azoospermia”, that is, the complete absence of sperm in the ejaculate. This meant that they could become parents only by using donor sperm.

“If R.’s spouses had not found out about our social project and would not have taken part in it, they would most likely have had IVF using donor sperm, – the obstetrician-gynecologist Ksenia Khazhilenko tells. – After the ISIDA clinic decided in favor of this couple, Dasha and her husband underwent additional examinations, which showed that the man had a different diagnosis – retrograde ejaculation. This is a condition in which spermatozoa are released into the urinary tract during ejaculation. The case is severe, but not hopeless, unlike the initial diagnosis. If there are spermatozoa, then there is also a possibility of their use for fertilization of an egg – this was our conclusion. After that, work began on preparing the spouses for IVF. That is, embryologists started obtaining sperm suitable for fertilization from urine, and Dasha began to prepare for IVF”.

“We have been dreaming about a child for five years, but, to be honest, we have already lost hope because of the hopeless diagnosis of male factor infertility, – recalls Daria R. – Therefore, I do not get tired of blessing the moment when I first heard about the ISIDA clinic, went to the website of this clinic and still filled out an application for participation. I can’t help but share my opinion about the doctors of this clinic: they are all really from God. My special thanks to Ksenia Georgievna Khazhilenko – I have never felt such a sensitive, attentive, compassionate attitude towards myself anywhere else, in any clinic. And the embryologists of the clinic created a real miracle – they not only “extracted” healthy spermatozoa, but also “forced” them to fertilize an egg. Now I am happy and I believe that my feeling of happiness will grow along with my tummy and will become absolute at some point.”.

“When we got acquainted with the results of the examinations with which Dasha and her husband came to ISIDA, the chances of their pregnancy were assessed as extremely low. If not for the deeper examinations prescribed in our clinic, their dream of children would have remained a dream– the doctor Ksenia Khazhilenko continues her story. – However, after the described stages, this chance increased and at the time of embryotransfer was 40%. The couple did not miss this chance, and the entire staff of the ISIDA clinic is very happy for them”.

Dasha R. and her husband underwent a infertility treatment program at the ISIDA clinic. And on the eve of the New Year holidays, a real miracle happened, about which the couple dreamed so much – it was in December last year that Daria found out that she was pregnant. The baby was born safely in August 2017.

This happy story is the clearest confirmation that in such a bright and kind festive time, any of your dreams can come true. Leave a little space for belief in magic, and then everything will certainly come true!

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