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IVF: without unnecessary risks

Thanks to highly effective developments in the field of assisted reproductive technologies, problems with ovulation in women are no longer a fatal diagnosis. Modern medicine is able to solve such a cause of infertility due to hormonal effects, namely, by stimulating superovulation.

Ovarian stimulation is an individual course of taking medications prescribed in accordance with the clinical situation and the characteristics of a woman’s body. The use of medications that stimulate the growth of follicles leads to the maturation of not one, but several eggs at once, which significantly increases the chances of pregnancy. During the treatment period, the woman is in a special condition: under the influence of drugs, the ovaries increase, each growing follicle becomes dominant and large. To avoid possible side effects, the scheme of administration of drugs in ISIDA is chosen with special care.

We strive to ensure that our patients receive effective and safe treatment at the ISIDA clinic, each patient is unique to us, so an individual approach is the most important principle of our work. Treatment is carried out according to certain protocols that act as evidence-based standards all over the world, and the effectiveness of which is confirmed by international and in-house studies. The doctor studies the patient’s medical history in detail, after which he selects the most appropriate treatment regimen and the optimal, most gentle stimulation protocol.

Indications for superovulation stimulation are:

  • hormonal dysfunction, incurable in another way;
  • irregular egg release from follicles or its complete absence;
  • polycystic ovaries;
  • high or low body mass index in a woman;
  • preparation for in vitro fertilization.

To date, there are many different ovarian stimulation protocols that can be based both on the use of the body’s natural capabilities and on various combinations of medications. Thanks to extensive practice in the use of hormonal drugs and careful study of the individual characteristics of the patient, the reproductive doctors of the ISIDA clinic select the most effective and modern treatment program, while minimizing possible risks and negative consequences.

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