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Five important questions about a very important issue. And the main answer is: miscarriage is a treatable problem!

The problem of miscarriage is always associated with the pain and grief of parents who have lost a child, with their unfulfilled hopes, plans, dreams. Some patients go to the ISIDA clinic after two miscarriages. Some – after ten. Some have years of unsuccessful search for the causes of this problem behind their backs. Others have many courses of treatment that have not brought the desired result. In any situation, the doctors of the ISIDA clinic start a conversation with all future happy mothers from the basics.

What is the usual miscarriage of pregnancy? How to understand the difference between accidental and natural pregnancy loss? What can cause repeated miscarriages? Is this diagnosis treatable and which doctor should I contact? Five important questions about a very important problem that need to be answered before starting treatment. And, first of all, the main question that lurks in the heart of every woman who is faced with such a diagnosis… Miscarriage is a serious diagnosis, accompanied by severe stress, but he always has a solution!

Habitual pregnancy loss – what is it?

Habitual miscarriage of pregnancy is the loss of two or more pregnancies confirmed by ultrasound or morphologically (as a result of research obtained from the uterus of the material) up to 22 weeks. Losses after 22 weeks are classified as fetal losses – habitual and accidental.

When is the diagnosis of habitual miscarriage made?

The clinically confirmed percentage of pregnancy losses is 15-20%, while the vast majority of miscarriages are accidental and are not a manifestation of pathology. A serious cause for concern is the natural loss of pregnancy – in this case, proper medical advice and detailed analysis are necessary.

What can be the reason for the usual miscarriage of pregnancy?

Существует довольно большое количество причин привычной потери беременности. There are quite a large number of reasons for the habitual loss of pregnancy. In addition to chromosomal pathologies, the cause of repeated miscarriages may be hereditary or acquired tendencies to increase blood clotting, a violation of the shape and functions of the uterus and cervix, as well as disorders of the thyroid gland and the immune system. To determine the cause of the natural loss of pregnancy in order to further treat and prevent the recurrence of miscarriages, a detailed analysis of the patient’s loss history, diagnosis of uterine abnormalities, examination of the chromosomal set of parents and determination of thyroid function is carried out.

How is miscarriage treated?

Patients of the ISIDA clinic who are faced with the problem of miscarriage can receive qualified assistance in a specialized department of the clinic – the Center for the Treatment of Miscarriage. The colossal experience of our specialists, the use of advanced technologies and methods of treatment is what makes your long–awaited miracle appear, despite all forecasts and diagnoses. A lot of attention in the clinic is paid to the psychological state of the woman. Psychologists of the ISIDA clinic emphasize: the difficult experience of pregnancy loss sometimes becomes a rather serious obstacle to the successful bearing of the fetus. And women who have already become mothers thanks to the ISIDA clinic claim that faith in the best and trust in the doctor are mandatory components of a successful treatment result.

Which doctor should I contact for help?

First of all, of course, to an obstetrician-gynecologist. However, as can be seen from the answers to the previous questions, the treatment of miscarriage may require the involvement of an endocrinologist, immunologist, geneticist and even a surgeon. That is why the ISIDA clinic has created a Center for the treatment of Miscarriage. This Center employs highly qualified specialists who have extensive practical experience and possess modern methods of treating all forms of infertility. Doctors of related specializations interact with each other – this makes it possible for expectant mothers to undergo a full course of diagnostic studies and treatment in one place. The faster and more correctly the causes of the loss of the child are established, the more chances a woman has for the next successful pregnancy!

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