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Causes of miscarriage, infertility treatment and prognosis for the future

Pregnancy is a real miracle, great happiness and the main gift in the life of every couple. However, unfortunately, life sometimes makes its own adjustments, as a result of which a woman faces problems related to the successful course of pregnancy. Often a woman is unable to carry and give birth to a child on her own, without medical intervention and the help of doctors.

The problem of miscarriage is always associated with the pain and grief of parents who have lost a child, with their unfulfilled hopes, plans, dreams. In such a situation, it is extremely important not to try to find the culprits and not to despair, but to try to find out the causes of miscarriage, whether they are amenable to diagnosis and, most importantly, is it possible to get rid of the obstacles standing in the way of the desired pregnancy? So, pregnancy after miscarriage – we understand how to approach its planning, which examinations to undergo and what are the chances of a successful birth of a baby in the future.

The first task to be solved is to determine whether the pregnancy loss was spontaneous or natural. Fortunately, in most women, pregnancy loss, especially in the early stages, is accidental, being provoked by sudden causes, the recurrence of which is unlikely in the future. In this case, in order to prevent possible problems with subsequent pregnancy, supportive therapy, general health promotion, normalization of the psycho-emotional state can be prescribed. If the frozen pregnancy or miscarriage were natural, caused by serious problems in the state of a woman’s reproductive health, complex treatment is necessary aimed at eliminating the cause of the miscarriage.

One of the reasons for the natural loss of pregnancy may be a genetic malfunction – during fertilization of an egg, a violation of the process of transmitting genetic information often occurs. An error in the transmission of genetic information in the vast majority of cases is accidental, and the chances of a successful pregnancy in this case significantly exceed the threat of another miscarriage. A serious cause for concern is the presence of chromosomal abnormalities in the genetic code of a man or woman. To determine an accurate diagnosis for the purpose of subsequent treatment, a geneticist may prescribe a study of the chromosomal set of parents and a genetic analysis of biological material obtained as a result of frozen pregnancy – the product of fertilization.

Another common cause of miscarriages are viral and bacterial infections. A decrease in the level of immunity in the early stages of pregnancy leads to the fact that a woman’s body becomes more vulnerable to pathogenic viruses and bacteria, infection with which can lead to miscarriage. Whether pregnancy will persist in this case depends on the aggressiveness of the attacking virus or bacterium, as well as (to a large extent) on the duration of pregnancy.

Unfortunately, sometimes the threat of miscarriage or spontaneous termination of pregnancy occurs in a woman due to the presence of serious chronic diseases, in connection with which an initial screening examination is required. First of all – ultrasound, as well as additional diagnostic tests if necessary. Sometimes the doctor prescribes an immunohistochemical examination of the endometrium to identify possible causes of disruption of the embryo implantation process. Depending on how the pregnancy proceeded before the miscarriage, as well as on the basis of anamnesis of the general state of health, an analysis for antiphospholipid antibodies and hereditary tendencies to thrombosis may be prescribed. If there are suspicions of disorders in the immune system, the doctor may prescribe a screening examination of thyroid function in the form of an analysis for thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) and, according to indications, for autoimmune antibodies (ATPO, AGGT).

And most importantly, remember – pregnancy after miscarriage is possible. There are a number of diagnostic examinations that allow you to identify the cause of miscarriage and prescribe effective treatment based on this. The sooner and more correctly the causes of the loss of the child are established, the more chances a woman has for the next successful pregnancy. Patients of the ISIDA clinic who are faced with the problem of miscarriage can receive qualified assistance in a specialized department of the clinic – the Center for the Treatment of Miscarriage. Experienced specialists of our Center make every effort to correctly identify the causes of failure and eliminate the possibility of its recurrence.

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