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Yulia Kremenskaya took part in the international conference in Belgium

ISIDA clinic specialists – doctors, laboratory assistants, biologists, reproductologists – regularly attend the most significant events in the field of reproductive medicine. So, in July of this year, Yulia Valeryevna, a biologist and head of the Genetic Laboratory Center of the ISIDA Clinic in Kremensk, took part in the 22nd international conference “International Conference Society for Prenatal Diagnosis”.

More than a thousand specialists from many countries of the world who came to the Belgian city of Antwerp to listen to the reports of the best professionals in their field from America, Australia, Europe and Asia participated in the conference on the problems and methods of prenatal diagnostics this year. The main purpose of this large-scale event is to exchange experience, discuss and create recommendations for prenatal diagnosis and genetic counseling of patients. But each of the participants of the conference, of course, had his own personal professional goal.

“For me personally, this trip has become an effective tool for realizing the direction in which it is necessary to move, – Yulia Kremenska shares her impressions. – Assisted reproductive technologies and prenatal diagnostics are developing rapidly, and in order for the patients of our clinic to receive medical services in accordance with the latest scientific developments, doctors, biologists, geneticists simply need to participate in such conferences.”

Yulia V. Kremenskaya, Head of the Genetic Laboratory Center, biologist, has 17 years of experience, is a candidate of biological sciences. Yulia Kremenska worked as a researcher in the world’s leading laboratories (Tokyo University, Japan; Agency of Technology, Science and Research, A*STAR, Singapore); headed the cytogenetic laboratory at the Clinic of Reproductive Technologies (2006-2010) with the introduction of modern methods of preimplantation and prenatal molecular diagnostics into practice.

At the ISIDA clinic, Yulia Valeryevna Kremenska specializes in embryology, molecular biology, cytogenetics; together with reproductologists, she leads patients with severe forms of infertility with a history of chromosomal and genetic abnormalities, as well as with habitual miscarriage and multiple unsuccessful IVF attempts.

The rapid development of assisted reproductive technologies obliges all specialists working in this field to constantly improve their qualifications. ISIDA clinic pays great attention to this issue: reproductologists, biologists, geneticists of the clinic regularly participate in international scientific and practical conferences. The high level of professionalism of all the specialists of the ISIDA clinic is the basis for the high efficiency of the clinic’s work in all directions.

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