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“You have a boy. Little. Breathing by himself”

Our patient I., like no one else, knows the true value of these words. For many years she went to her cherished dream, experiencing mental and physical suffering. ISIDA was her last and, as it turned out, a happy chance to experience the joy of motherhood.

I., Your story is so impressive that it is worthy of a film adaptation. Have you ever thought that you will go to motherhood for so long?
I didn’t even imagine that my first child would be born only at the age of 49. And that – it happened, I think, only thanks to the very great support of her husband.

Tell us why everything happened like this?
In general, everything was quite difficult for me. Having, as I thought, no problems in gynecology, I could not give birth myself. My personal life was calm and measured, until at the age of 38 I accidentally met my future husband. My husband and I have implemented several projects in the furniture business. And since he is 13 years younger than me, I just looked at him and thought: “What golden hands the guy has – someone will be lucky!”. The joint work was completed, we said goodbye. However, a couple of days later, my husband called and offered to spend the May holidays together. To be honest, I didn’t expect a serious relationship. The age difference was very confusing. But my head got dizzy and after a while we started living together.
They really wanted a child. And when I realized that I couldn’t conceive, I turned to doctors. I was told that it’s okay, we need to get used to each other, and if there is no result within a year and a half, an examination will be required. But one day I unsuccessfully threw my head back – and for six months I found myself bedridden (pinched nerve in the area of the cervical vertebrae). That’s when I realized how reliable a man is next to me! Misha cared, helped – in a word, conquered completely. So came my 42. The women’s clinic told me: “You didn’t give birth, you have hyperplasia!”. They did a planned curettage – it was a blow. Then the tests – mine and my husband’s, ultrasound, diagnoses, another operation – obstruction of the tube.

What was the first experience of treatment in a private clinic?
Negative. They promised one thing, but everything turned out to be different. I was going to have an expensive laparoscopy. And the fact that after the operation I was left in a three–bed ward is still half the trouble. The painkillers did not work, the staff did not pay attention to me, the toilet was far away. I was given general anesthesia and, apparently, very strong: I couldn’t breathe! When my husband came, he couldn’t look at me without tears. And at night, terrible abdominal pains began. To which I was simply stated: “It’s an ulcer.” After the operation, they promised to give me a disk with information about what they did to me at the clinic. But for a long time they were cunning, they were given only after two weeks of demands. The diagnosis is “tubal factor”. The next morning I was informed that I could go home and do IVF with them in six months. But I didn’t come.

Have you applied to another clinic?
Yes. But she was no better–just money, money, money. Since I had practically no experience, I trusted the doctors in everything. I was treated for non-existent cysts, a broken monthly cycle. It was very difficult psychologically, but it still didn’t work out to get to IVF. At each reception, they found, as I already understand now, non-existent diseases. How difficult it was to tell my husband that again nothing… And as time went on, my husband calmed me down, and again there was faith that everything would be fine. I am immensely grateful to him for this!

How did events develop further?
I was scheduled for another operation – hysteroscopy. At the ultrasound, the doctor said: “What kind of IVF?! You have a micropoliposis of the entire uterus!”. It was another blow. By chance, the results did not get to the doctor, but to me. And it turned out that there was no need for an operation. But they took the money. At the same moment I left the clinic. Then there was another doctor who prescribed me questionable drugs in the form of dietary supplements to successfully pass IVF. My patience was already running out. And after another private clinic, where the doctor, without even looking at my tests, told me to sign up for IVF, I realized: they won’t help me here either.

How did you find out about ISIDA?
After everything I went through, I went to the country for the summer to recover. All these years, my husband and I have lived in a civil marriage. I answered the next offer to sign: “Only when there’s a baby!” Because I saw how my husband loves children, and I didn’t want to spoil his life. When I returned to Kiev, I turned to another doctor, she referred me for an ultrasound and, after looking at the results, said: “I don’t see any pathologies, so as not to give birth.” It was a shock for me! I was crying so hard I couldn’t stop. Then the doctor remembered her patient, who came to her after IVF, and, after learning the details from her, said: “Look for Dr. Palamarchuk.” That’s how I ended up in ISIDA.

What was your first impression of ISIDA?
When I came to the clinic, I was already 48. The doctor met me in a wonderful mood. Her eyes were burning so much that they involuntarily lit up mine. And I immediately believed this man! Alina Nikolaevna Palamarchuk looked at the tests, performed ultrasound, made certain predictions. In three months, she leveled the monthly cycle, and soon, when I came to the reception, she said: “Get ready: in three days – a puncture, in two more – a transfer.”

Did you feel confident in ISIDA?
Every time I came to ISIDA, I realized more and more that I had been deceived for six long years. In ISIDA, doctors are responsible for their diagnoses, everything is paid through the cashier. A woman can completely trust the specialists of this clinic. Therefore, having already gone through a hard life school, I knew that I would not go to an ordinary maternity hospital to give birth, no matter what it cost me.

How was the transfer procedure?
I was calm. On a huge screen, they clearly showed me where my two embryos are, and immediately gave me a picture. I sat there, praying to God that everything would work out, and I thought: “Am I so sinful that I am unworthy of this happiness?” After the transfer, they said to lie down for three days, but I (to be sure!) I lay there for two weeks – before the analysis. One night, almost immediately after the transfer, I dreamed of a large tunnel – like in an aquarium, in which a beautiful fish was swimming, like in a fairy tale – a soft pink color. When I woke up, I realized: I’m pregnant. On the appointed day, at 8.00, I arrived at the clinic, took a blood test. They were supposed to call us in the evening, but we couldn’t stand it – we called ourselves. And they heard the long-awaited: “You are pregnant!”.

How did the months of waiting for the baby go?
My husband did not allow me to do anything, he was very worried, although I felt great! I went to work, flew “on wings”. Until the 32nd week. One day Misha came home, I got up to meet him and realized that the water had broken. I called the doctor, my husband took me to ISIDA in 10 minutes – they already had time to prepare there! The amniotic fluid test, ultrasound – everything happened instantly. I was put in a hospital for preservation. But a week later, at night, the baby decided to be born.

Was it scary that the baby would be born prematurely?
I was very lucky to have a doctor. When ISIDA was observed during pregnancy, I went to all courses and listened attentively. One of the lectures was given by obstetrician-gynecologist Viktor Gritsko. He talked about childbirth with such warmth and energy, radiated such calmness! Imagine my surprise when one day Viktor Stepanovich came into my room, and it turned out that he was also delivering babies – as a doctor on duty. From that moment on, I prayed to God that my baby would be born on his shift. And so it happened! And when I came to myself after anesthesia, I saw Viktor Stepanovich, as always calm. He asked me how I was feeling and said, “You have a boy. Little. He breathes by himself.” And I exhaled with relief. And most importantly: the long-awaited Vanechka was born on her husband’s birthday! This is a gift from God!

Having passed such a difficult path, and still having achieved the result, what do you wish for women who have had such trials?
Do not despair! Never! Of course, a lot depends on the person who goes this way with you – the husband. Therefore, I wish everyone reliable support – such as I have had all these years. And most importantly, believe: “Everything will be fine!”.
After giving birth, a psychologist warned me that postpartum depression was possible. But I don’t even want to hear about it! To be honest, I don’t understand what depression can be if you have the meaning of life – the child you have suffered. I wish such happiness to everyone!

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