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With ISIDA, cherished dreams become reality!

Over the 25 years of the ISIDA clinic, we have managed to conduct more than 25,000 successful IVF programs, thereby giving the long-awaited joy of parenthood to many married couples. “The patient is above all!” – this is the philosophy of the ISIDA clinic and our main value. We are attentive to the needs of our patients and always strive not just to meet, but to exceed their expectations and hopes. We are infinitely grateful to every married couple for the trust they have shown us and the opportunity to become part of the embodiment of a real miracle – the birth of a child!

One of the first patients of the ISIDA clinic who entrusted us with their most precious wish in life was a couple from Donetsk. The couple went through a long and very difficult path before becoming the happy parents of two wonderful weather boys:

«It took many years before our dream of children came true, – says the father. – The diagnosis of “infertility” was made to us back in Soviet times, at the same time the first unsuccessful IVF attempt took place. Then there were years of new attempts, unsuccessful treatment and disappointments… In the end, we decided to turn to ISIDA in Donetsk.

What is important: the details of all complex medical procedures and tests were explained to us in simple, understandable language. Thanks to this, we fully understood the process, and, therefore, could trust the doctors. At ISIDA, we felt that the staff really cared, all the employees worried about us and believed with us. And a miracle happened! We had a wonderful boy, and a year later – another one! So we became parents of weather-related sons.

All the time of attempts and expectations, the family was helped by mutual support and endless faith in the realization of their dreams of a little big happiness:

“Now, remembering our long, difficult and painful path to fatherhood, my wife and I are very grateful to each other. After all, there have never been any complaints or accusations between us. Not that an insulting word to another, not even a thought like this has ever occurred to any of us! On the contrary, we have always supported each other. Of course, there were periods of despair and despondency. But in those days when one of us was moping, the other one tried to do everything to support, and vice versa. This is the most important thing: to look into the future with optimism, to show love for your partner, to be able to find the right words in difficult times. No matter how difficult it is for you now, be sure to keep going to the goal, in no case do not lose hope. And one day you will definitely succeed! Tested on our own experience».

The specialists of the ISIDA clinic are doing everything possible to make your cherished dream of maternal happiness a reality, so each such happy story is our great pride and the highest award that inspires us to become even better and achieve even greater results!

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