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What you need to know about childbirth after 35 years

A modern woman craves full self-realization, so sometimes she postpones the birth of a child for the sake of creativity or the desire to make a career. Sometimes the joy of pregnancy comes at a more mature age for social reasons or for health reasons. Be that as it may, but ISIDA doctors note: over the past 15 years, the number of women who decide to become a mother after forty has doubled. There are many advantages to this trend: a mature woman is more attentive to her health, listens to the recommendations of doctors and seriously prepares for childbirth. And although “age-related” pregnancies in the ISIDA clinic are considered from positive positions, nevertheless, carrying a child when “a woman is over …” has some peculiarities.

Rejuvenating effect

Pregnancy at any age triggers a lot of positive processes in a woman’s body. But the real gift of late pregnancy is rejuvenation. Late childbirth reduces cholesterol levels, while reducing the risk of vascular diseases, and breastfeeding helps to get rid of problems with the mammary glands. In addition, women who have given birth to a child after the age of 35 usually postpone the onset of menopause.

Reducing risks

Almost every pregnancy has certain risks, and with age, some of them may increase. So, at the age of 35-45, expectant mothers are more likely to suffer from toxicosis, the risk of premature birth or child re-birth. But the specialists of our clinic know how to reduce objectively existing risks. The attentive, caring attitude of the expectant mother to her body and the implementation of all the doctor’s recommendations significantly reduce the risk of complications. Pregnancy in adulthood can be an indication for staying in a hospital for preservation, as well as for caesarean section. Although the opinion that caesarean section is the lot of absolutely all mothers “in years” is nothing more than a myth. If a woman is healthy, she can give birth to a baby naturally at the age of 45. Age in itself is not an indication for a Caesarean section.

Reasonable care

Thanks to the achievements of modern medicine, which are always in service with ISIDA specialists, late childbirth is not as dangerous now as it was before. But, nevertheless, there are moments that doctors pay special attention to. There is, for example, a risk of developing genetic pathologies in the fetus. Therefore, doctors recommend that when planning a pregnancy, undergo additional examinations: genetic testing of hereditary tendencies, take a blood test for hormones, as well as a spermogram for a man. These studies will help determine the risks of possible age-related complications and do everything possible to eliminate them.

Rest assured, the experienced doctors of the ISIDA clinic will adequately take care of the health of the mother and the unborn child, regardless of the age at which the woman decides to give birth. And remember, a pregnant woman is beautiful at any age! 😉

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