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Vitrification at the ISIDA Clinic

The effectiveness of the embryological laboratory of the ISIDA clinic is based on experienced and qualified personnel, as well as on the use of high-quality techniques in embryo work.

We can get a large number of viable embryos for each patient. These results and the single embryo policy, in order to prevent multiple pregnancies, require reliable cryopreservation technology for excess embryos. For this purpose, our laboratory performs vitrification.

Vitrification is a method of cryopreservation of both hamlets and embryos. The official definition of this term is “instant solidification of the solution caused by an extreme increase in viscosity during cooling without the formation of ice crystals.” In simpler terms, vitrification is a fast cryopreservation method with a high survival rate of about 98% due to the low risk of cell damage from the formation of ice crystals.

This method allows cryopreservation of high-quality embryos at any stage of development, but at the ISIDA clinic we prefer the fifth day of embryo development to ensure that there is no block of development at previous stages. Specialized carriers allow us to freeze embryos in one or a group, depending on the number of treatment attempts in the future.

Vitrification also allows the freezing of gametes. Cryopreservation of oocytes is included in the mainstream of methods using artificial reproductive technologies in humans.

This method is available to any woman of reproductive age who is going to undergo treatment that may damage the functioning of her ovaries, or even as an effective option for young women who want to keep some of their “young eggs” for use in adulthood.

The ISIDA laboratory has gained extensive experience in fertilizing frozen-thawed oocytes, obtaining high-quality embryos and achieving high pregnancy rates. Freezing eggs at an early age can give you the necessary chance of a future pregnancy when you are ready for it.

ISIDA always tries to introduce the most modern technologies, such as vitrification, which open up new opportunities for implementing our experience and achieving high results of treatment effectiveness.

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