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Use the God-given

“Every time we help two cells meet, and as a result, a miracle happens – the birth of a person. I think the Lord has given us knowledge, given us opportunities to implement them, and this means that we simply have to use them. By the way, the clinic’s policy involves the continuous improvement of employees, we always keep abreast of scientific research in our field, participate in conferences and seminars.

Also, the availability of all necessary equipment in the clinic contributes to the implementation of the doctor. This brings communication with the patient to a fundamentally different level. You can focus on the exclusively human aspect without worrying about how to find the right medication or organize a complex procedure. Personal involvement is very important to us, because we have been working with many couples for years. And when we see a small embryo on the monitor screen, it’s the best thing that can happen! The patients still ask again with disbelief – exactly? And each of us has a happy smile on his face, because we know: yes, there is a pregnancy! And it’s a miracle!”

Miroslava VATSIK, obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences

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