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The reproductologist of the ISIDA clinic, Ksenia Khazhilenko, presented Ukraine at the World Congress on Habitual Miscarriage

On January 19-22, 2017, the World Congress on Habitual Miscarriage was held in Cannes, France. Participants from 48 countries gathered to discuss the causes, diagnosis and treatment of various cases of miscarriage. The representative of Ukraine at the Congress was the reproductologist of the infertility treatment department of the ISIDA clinic, Ksenia Khazhilenko.

Repeated pregnancy losses in the vast majority of cases occur for reasons whose identification requires a gradual, often lengthy and complex examination. Treatment in case of establishing the causes of miscarriage sometimes consists of medication and psychological support, but often requires the involvement of more complex methods – surgical treatment, assisted reproductive technologies, including preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

Opportunities for providing a full range of necessary measures are concentrated mainly in specialized centers that are engaged in the examination, treatment and prevention of pregnancy losses. The exchange of experience in organizing such centers in various countries of the world was an important part of the work of the Congress.

A lively discussion was also held around the issues of immunology and genetics of reproductive losses, and each of the representatives of the specialized industry fought for the right to prioritize “his” problems in cases of multiple miscarriages in the short term of pregnancy.

The possibility of preimplantation genetic diagnosis of embryos for patients with miscarriage opened up new prospects in treatment, but did not cancel the significance and influence of other possible problems.

To assess the true significance and effectiveness of certain causes and methods of treatment, modern medicine appeals primarily to the evidence base, therefore, providing data correctly (in accordance with the requirements) of the conducted studies was an important part of the reports and discussions. Only in this way, in a large number of cases, it is possible to understand whether this or that method really works and not to engage in unreasonable prescriptions, which often become a heavy burden not only for the wallet, but above all for the health of patients.

Gaining new knowledge, sharing experience, presenting your own results, live communication with leading experts and simply “living legends” of the industry is one of the main goals of participating in such forums. However, no less important is the confidence that the doctors of the ISIDA clinic, who are engaged in the treatment of habitual miscarriage, not only have knowledge, understanding of the problem and have all modern technologies, but also effectively use them in accordance with the norms of evidence-based medicine, obtaining the same results as the world’s leading centers for the prevention of pregnancy loss.

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