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The news of pregnancy is the greatest joy for us!

Irina Zakharova, embryologist, biologist:

We are in charge of the most delicate process: by receiving germ cells, we facilitate their meeting and diligently cultivate the resulting embryos in special artificial environments. Not all eggs are equal, as for selection, it happens that the male factor is complex. But if fertilization occurs and the cells begin to split in accordance with all the norms, we already see the potential for future pregnancy.

Our next task is to select embryos for transfer according to clear parameters. Some of the remaining ones can be vitrified (frozen at lightning speed using the most modern technology) for use in cryocycles.

Of course, the greatest joy for the whole team is the news that the embryo was successfully implanted. In order for the results to improve, a lot of attention is paid to retrospective analysis. We accumulate knowledge about the effectiveness of embryo transfer at a particular stage of development, the impact of medical protocols and other factors – we carefully document all the nuances. We are doing everything possible for the birth of a new life!

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