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The ISIDA clinic has great prospects!

Yulia KREMENSKAYA, embryologist, Doctor of Medicine.

Yulia Valeryevna KREMENSKAYA, a new employee of our clinic, has a track record of cooperation with the world’s leading scientific and clinical centers. Her interests include such areas as genetics, molecular biology, and cell biology.

After studying in graduate school, successfully defending her PhD thesis and working at the University of Tokyo, Yulia Valeryevna took part in the creation of a cytogenetic laboratory, which is recognized as a benchmark in Ukraine.

The next step towards improvement was a trip to Singapore and cooperation with the A*STAR Bioinformatics Institute (Agency for Science, Technology and Research – a complex of universities and institutes where the most modern techniques are studied and developed). A doctoral dissertation was defended here, devoted to epigenetic aspects, and how cells with a single genome are transformed into diverse cells with diverse functions during the development of an organism. In-depth consideration of issues related to biology and genetics also allowed us to get closer to the practical application of cutting-edge techniques.

“The most priority area today is diagnosis, and the earliest – which is carried out even before the birth of the child, and even before the implantation of the embryo into the uterus,” – emphasizes Yulia Kremenskaya. “– The knowledge accumulated by the world’s leading experts should be applied in Ukraine as well. The technique that will be actively developed is pre–transplantation genetic diagnostics using next-generation sequencing. It avoids many problems associated with genetic abnormalities. In addition, this innovative technology is safe.”

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