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“The child is above all!” – a confession contest about the most intimate

For a woman, there is no greater happiness in life than the joy of motherhood. Unfortunately, the path to this cherished dream is often thorny, and many married couples have difficulty conceiving a child. This is a painful test of the strength of the spirit and faith in a miracle, which not everyone can pass successfully. For 25 years of the ISIDA clinic and 22,470 successful IVF programs, we can say with confidence that even in the most difficult situations, you can not give up and give up your dream of a little big happiness.

There is always hope – it was with this message that ISIDA, together with a popular Ukrainian TV channel, initiated a confession contest “The child is above all!” Any married couple dreaming of a baby could share with us the story of their cherished desire to become parents and get a chance to conduct an IVF program for free. The touching story of Elena V. about the long-term struggle for the main dream of her life could not leave us indifferent:

“There’s probably nothing special about my story. I am an ordinary woman, I have not been ill with any terrible diseases, I have not had abortions, I have not led a promiscuous sex life. And, probably, I never really wanted to become a wife… But I’ve always dreamed of becoming a mom! When I turned 19, I got married and immediately began to dream about a baby, although there were no funds even for the two of us – our family lived from paycheck to paycheck. But I decided that my grandmother, with whom I lived then, would look after my great-granddaughter, and I would go to work. However, soon my grandmother died, and I still did not get pregnant. Six months later, I went to the gynecologist for the first time. The doctor calmed me down, said that after taking hormonal pills, this is normal and that everything will work out in a year.

But that didn’t happen. I started going to the doctors, I was prescribed hormones, I was gaining weight. All the doctors said that I had no problems, they constantly gave me directions for a lot of tests and… nothing. So 12 years have passed. During this time, all my friends, relatives, even nieces gave birth to children. Some have two. And my husband and I found it hard to communicate with them. They stopped understanding us. Everyone was talking only about children. And we have only a dream about them.

Yes, I have a godson, this is my sister’s son, he is 6 years old, and I love him very much. But I still hope to give birth to my children. Although I understand that every year it will be more and more difficult. By the way, one day when his mother was in the hospital after the birth of her youngest daughter, he asked me: “Do you know where the babies in the tummy come from? Ask my mom, and let you have a baby too, so that you are a mom, and Yarik (my husband) is a dad!”. On the one hand, it’s touching, but on the other, it’s painful to hear.

Last year we seriously thought about this problem. They passed all the necessary tests, even did insemination. But it didn’t work out. In January, we were preparing for IVF in a natural cycle. But again, no. Now we decided to raise money for regular IVF. But while they were collecting, all services have risen in price again. And again we collect, and again we do analyses, but already in ISIDA. I really hope that this time we will succeed, because children are the best thing in our life! So my heart tells me…”

After learning about the victory in the contest, Elena V. could not believe her luck:

«I wrote such a confession for the first time, and, to be honest, I did not think that I would take the prize, – recalls Elena V. – The competition is very good: it not only gives hope to a woman, but also gives an understanding that many people get into such a situation. Right after I found out about winning the contest, we did IVF at ISIDA, which… went well! I’m pregnant now, and I’m very happy about it. I want to say a huge thank you to the clinic and my attending physician – I have not felt such a professional approach and warm attitude to myself in all 12 years of treatment.”

«When Elena came to ISIDA, it immediately became clear that she was a real fighter, – says the obstetrician-gynecologist Ksenia Khazhilenko. – Lena was determined and did not hesitate to act, which made her stand out among the other patients. As an attending physician, I can say that her faith in success helped us to use the available chances by 150% and get pregnant on the first attempt».

This happy story is a vivid example of the fact that miracles happen – you only need to believe in them very much. And remember that hope is the best medicine of all that is known!

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