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Svetlana Turbanist: “ISIDA is my love at first sight”

The leading reproductologist of the ISIDA clinic, Svetlana Turbanist, shares with us the story of how ISIDA became her “love at first sight”:

“I got acquainted with ISIDA’s achievements long before I started working here. In the Donetsk Regional Center for Maternity and Childhood Protection, where I used to work as an obstetrician-gynecologist, pregnant women were observed, whom ISIDA helped to overcome infertility. Even then I admired the clinic’s capabilities. Therefore, when I was offered a job at ISIDA, I immediately agreed. A few years later, I became the head of the Donetsk branch, and after the suspension of its activities in 2014, I moved with my family to Kiev, where I continued to work in the infertility treatment department. I have been at ISIDA for more than 17 years, and I have never regretted my decision. I really appreciate the team, our friendly relations, and not only in my department, but throughout the clinic. I know that when I need support, I will definitely get it, just as my colleagues know that they can rely on me. Regarding the principles of the clinic’s work, I fully share its position: the patient is first of all, because they trust us with the most valuable thing – their health and the life of the unborn child! The tandem between the doctor and the patient, based on full trust, I consider one of the main achievements ISIDA has achieved over the years.”

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