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Skin care during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a catalyst for numerous changes in a woman’s body. The body adapts to new conditions, and the hormonal background undergoes significant changes. And these changes are not always for the better, they often lead to deterioration of the skin, hair and nails. The dermatologist of the ISIS clinic Lyudmila Skibitskaya will tell you what problems expectant mothers most often face, and what to do in this case.


Acne during pregnancy has the same cause as in adolescence: significant hormonal changes. Sometimes during pregnancy, pink acne appears. Moreover, deterioration often occurs after facial cleansing, thermal procedures or gastronomic excesses.

In this case, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist – in the arsenal of a specialist who has experience working with pregnant women, there are enough effective and safe means. Remember that during this period you need to be more attentive than ever to the use of cosmetics — so that they do not harm either the mother or the child.

Skin pigmentation and neoplasms

The appearance of light brown spots on the face, and sometimes on the entire body of a pregnant woman, darkening of nipples and moles is due to increased production of hormones in the body of the expectant mother – estrogens and progesterones. Properly selected skin care products by a specialist will help you make these spots less noticeable. However, beware of using conventional skin whitening creams, scrubs and peels — they can only worsen the problem.

With the arrival of spring, you need to try to protect your skin from exposure to sunlight: they can enhance pigmentation. Protect your skin with SPF creams. However, remember that these creams are chemically active, and special formulations and degrees of protection are needed for pregnant women. The duration of pregnancy is also important. A doctor will help you choose the right sunscreen.

Sometimes new moles appear on the body of the expectant mother, and the old ones become larger, change their shape. In such cases, especially close supervision by a dermatologist is necessary. You may need a dermatoscopy (a modern method of examining and diagnosing the condition of the skin). Remember: pregnancy is a serious burden on a woman’s body, under the pressure of which a previously dormant tendency to serious health problems can be activated. Attentive attitude to yourself and timely qualified help will help to avoid this.

A visit to a dermatologist working as part of a team that monitors the course of pregnancy as a whole is the best solution that will not only preserve your attractiveness, but also protect the health of your baby.

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