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Our ties with Italian colleagues have become even stronger.

The war did not prevent the cooperation of ISIDA clinic in the person of the head of the Reproductology Service Svitlana Turbnist and Alessandro Valdiserri (Tecnomed Trento S.R.L).

For many years we have been working with colleagues from Bologna, Italy. They next visited our branch in Uzhhorod from November 23 to 29, 2022.

This time, 11 married couples came who, seeking to become happy parents, trusted the ISIDA clinic. Our doctors conducted the necessary preparation and performed the artificial in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure.

Why do foreign colleagues trust us and, despite the state of war in Ukraine, recommend us to their patients?

We have 5 answers to this question:

  • many years of work experience in the field of reproductive medicine;
  • the effectiveness of pregnancy after ZIV is about 90%;
  • professionalism of obstetricians-gynecologists, reproductive specialists, embryologists who work exclusively at the level of evidence-based medicine;
  • application of modern reproductive technologies;
  • own laboratory of genetics.

We are constantly developing, studying the experience of foreign colleagues. And that’s why every time we increase a woman’s chances of success on the first try.

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The ISIDA Uzhhorod branch offers service to foreign corporate clients at the highest level. We guarantee a European level of service, peace and safety, as well as a psychologically comfortable atmosphere for every patient. In the free time from medical procedures, guests have the opportunity to walk around the city, experience Ukrainian hospitality, and taste national dishes.

For the convenience of patients, we organize individual and group transfers from Kosice (Slovakia) – Uzhgorod (ISIDA clinic branch) – Kosice (Slovakia).

ISIDA Uzhhorod works for results! And the successful experience of cooperation with Italian colleagues is a clear confirmation of that.

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For additional information, call the contact center: 0 800 35 92 87.

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