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One of the most respected reproductologists in the world, Robert Fisher, held a seminar at the ISIDA clinic!

The rapid development of assisted reproductive technologies obliges all specialists working in this field to constantly improve their qualifications, keep abreast of the latest innovations and trends, as well as exchange experience and knowledge with their colleagues.On March 23, ISIDA hosted a significant event not only for the ART department, but also for the clinic as a whole – a meeting with one of the most authoritative reproductologists in the world, Robert Fisher.

The founder and head of the leading infertility treatment center in Hamburg, Professor Fischer made a presentation of global trends in IVF programs, and also expressed his vision of their application. Reproductive clinics in Germany have a fundamentally different approach to the implementation of ART programs in connection with other legislative and insurance conditions. “Fischer’s Concept” contains, first of all, the idea of individualizing the treatment strategy with unconditional consideration of the requirements of evidence-based medicine. This implies a personalized approach to treatment programs with the use of effective and safe preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

During the meeting, the specialists of the ISIDA clinic had the opportunity to talk with Professor Fischer on all issues related to ART, and took part in the discussion with great interest. It is not surprising that the meeting with Professor Fischer dragged on late, because the exchange of views with a real guru of his business is an invaluable experience for both sides. In addition, we were pleasantly surprised that, despite the different approaches to the implementation of treatment, we have a similar number of programs and the final indicators of their effectiveness. This was an unexpected surprise for the professor himself, which is why the discussion, which began in the format of answers to questions, later turned into a bilateral exchange of views and experience.

We are grateful to our foreign colleague for such a productive visit and sincerely hope that the knowledge gained during our meeting will help our specialists achieve even better results in the field of ART!

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