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Miscarriage of pregnancy: the real story of an ISIDA clinic patient

Spontaneous termination of a desired pregnancy is a tragedy in every woman’s life, and if this is repeated more than once or twice, then even the strongest person can give up. In such a situation, the most important thing is not to lose hope and faith in your strength, move on and in no case stay one–on-one with your misfortune.

This is exactly what our patient of Kazakh nationality A. – the mother of two charming girls – who currently lives with her family in Moscow, did. Talking about how she managed to cope with the problem of miscarriage, A. deliberately did not raise her medical records, she wanted the story to be about what was left in her heart:

“Our story is unusual, truly blessed by God. The beginning, however, is usual: my husband and I got married and we had a daughter. I had kidney problems, so our baby girl was born by Caesarean section. When the eldest daughter went to school, we thought about the second child. I was already pregnant when we moved to Kiev. We lived just fine, looking forward to the birth of our second baby. But at a very late date, after 6 months, the child froze… We experienced it like in a terrible dream…

The next year I got pregnant again, already with twins. And in the fifth month – trouble again, I lost my children… In those terrible days, I met a wise old woman, a therapist. She gave me very good advice: she said that we need to find one good doctor who will guide us from the first days of pregnancy to the birth of the child. That’s when I made an appointment with Ksenia Georgievna Khazhilenko.

Communicating with Ksenia Georgievna, I never tired of being surprised by her unusual method of work. She works as a professional detective, identified four of my main problems. The first is that the internal suture after cesarean was very poorly sewn, a very rough scar. The second is antiphospholipid syndrome, the third is immune disorders, that is, my body rejected the fetus as a foreign body. The fourth problem is endometriosis and cell memory.”

After the prescribed treatment, A. was forced to leave Ukraine with her husband and daughter. The girl strictly adhered to the doctor’s instructions, maintaining constant communication with Ksenia Georgievna online:

“We lived in another country, she had no material interest in us, she led us only on her altruism, personal enthusiasm. We sent her the results of all the tests, she looked and told us what to do. In this mode, we lasted up to 7 months. I remember how I asked to have a caesarean section at this time. “Let him be born while he is still alive!”, I asked. But we decided to wait a little longer, at least a couple of weeks. During these two weeks, I started having kidney problems. And one day, taking a shower, I realized that I was standing in a shower stall that was covered in blood. I managed to call my husband, I felt dizzy. The husband called an ambulance, looked into his daughter’s room and said, “Whatever happens, don’t leave the room.”

I lay down on the bed with the only thought: if my child dies, I want to leave with him. Women who have experienced a frozen pregnancy will understand me. It’s so scary when your child in you dies. It’s such pain, such emptiness! You cannot forgive yourself, you torment yourself and your loved ones, you pray, with great effort you come out of this state, but half-dead. Part of you dies with the baby… At those moments, I realized that I no longer had the strength to survive the death of another baby, that I would not be able to get up again, to live on.

I was saved by the fact that the doctors acted very quickly. The next morning I woke up after the operation and my baby girl was brought to me – a child with completely Asian facial features, but with blue eyes. This is really a child begged from God… I cannot express in words my gratitude to Ksenia Georgievna. A beautiful, intelligent, strong woman who really helped us a lot. This is just an incredible professional who conducts pregnancy so scrupulously, thoughtfully, attentively that the result is a real miracle. Our miracle, our girl is already 6 years old. She’s a chatterbox, a beauty, an incredible bundle of positive energy.

I want to say to those girls who have also experienced the horror of miscarriage, the death of their child: “Do not despair!” When you want a child very much, his soul is already next to you. And it remains only to pray and look for a professional who will help this soul to come into this world. We have found such a person. This is Ksenia Georgievna Khazhilenko. Blessed is the Ukrainian land, blessed are the ISIDA clinic and Ksenia Georgievna – they gave us happiness.”

Miscarriage is a serious problem accompanied by severe stress, but it always has a solution. In such a situation, it is extremely important that there are loving, caring people nearby, as well as a competent specialist who will prescribe the necessary examination to find out the reasons that caused the unfavorable outcome of pregnancy, and in the future will prescribe the correct treatment regimen for the successful onset and course of the next pregnancy, which will lead to the birth of the desired child. We hope that A.’s story will inspire girls who are faced with this terrible problem to never despair and continue to fight for their little big happiness!

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