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Many thanks to Dr. Shiyanova for our daughter!

We want to say a huge thank you to Svetlana Shiyanova for our daughter! – says our patient Elena.

In 2013 (in December), we came to ISIDA for the first time for examination and acquaintance. Before that, there were 8 (!!!) years of treatment. This is a nightmare!!! As soon as I remember, I’ll shudder! I think many people will understand me.

Then, while waiting for my turn, I read an article in the ISIDA Happy Moments magazine, where already happy parents thanked the doctors for the baby. They wrote that a year after the first visit they became pregnant. I then dreamed that we would have it like this))

And what do you think?! Exactly a year later, on December 30, 2014, we had a transfer, and on 13.01.2015 I passed hCG and found out that I was pregnant!)))))))

It was the 2nd attempt of IVF. 16.09.2015 our daughter was born;)

I want to say once again thank you very much to all the staff of ISIDA! Special thanks to Svetlana Shiyanova!

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