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Make a fairy tale come true

Svetlana TURBANIST, reproductologist, ultrasound diagnostics specialist, experience – 16 years:

Joy for everyone

I happened to hear about the first successful IVF attempt in the world back at the institute, and, I remember, then the thought arose: reproduction is a job for doctors from God. The opportunities offered by such an elite profession were impressive, but then the dream seemed almost impossible. Fortunately, fate decreed that it was reproductive technologies that became my life’s work. There have been significant improvements in this area. The number of successful pregnancies is increasing. It is possible to avoid complications such as ovarian hyperstimulation – today these are very rare cases. There are new opportunities in the diagnosis of the condition of embryos. Cryopreservation has a huge potential. There are already quite a few couples who saved embryos after the first IVF attempt, then returned to the clinic, and two or three years after the first baby gave birth to a second baby. Every time a successful pregnancy is a great happiness for our entire team, because ISIDA is distinguished not only by the high professionalism of doctors, but also by a friendly, sympathetic attitude towards patients. Our profession becomes in demand in the most difficult situations, in the greatest grief. And if people are destined to have children, we help. Sometimes it seems that representatives of our profession are second only to the Creator… And this is a huge responsibility.

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