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It’s A Noble Profession

Andrey Sadovoy, obstetrician-gynecologist, ultrasound diagnostics specialist, Candidate of Medical Sciences, experience – 16 years:

“I remember well my student impressions of TV programs with the participation of Professor Fedor DAKHNO, one of our first reproductologists: “It’s necessary, kids from a test tube! After all, this requires more serious training than an astronaut!” And so I also happened to become involved in this noble profession. I have been at ISIDA for 10 years. After four years of working in prenatal diagnostics, I was invited to the Department of Reproduction. There was never any doubt about the correctness of the choice! We use the most modern technologies. However, it is important to note: we do not offer patients to start treatment with expensive programs. First, we are looking for ways to ensure that pregnancy occurs naturally or with minor medical intervention. ISIDA took into account the fact that the male factor of infertility plays the same role as the female one: we have an andrologist specialist in our department, and we can provide qualified assistance to both partners. There are many ways to help. “Heavy artillery” – IVF – is used only when there is no other chance of pregnancy. In general, we are doing everything possible to ensure that people who have contacted us get the desired result, and during the treatment they feel calm and confident – like at home.”

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