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ISIS Clinic supports social initiatives and participates in the project “Honor “Mamo!””

“Feel “ Mamo!” is an all-Ukrainian social campaign designed to highlight the problem of infertility treatment and change the opinion about IVF as a last resort.
The ISIS clinic has decided to join the project, as awareness of the population about artificial insemination in case of infertility or difficulties of conception is one of the most important moments on the way to a long-awaited pregnancy.

The campaign is aimed at women who have been trying to conceive a child for two or more years and have not used assisted reproductive technologies, as well as at the general public – in order to inform the population about modern methods of in vitro fertilization. If women have all the necessary information about innovative methods of infertility treatment, they will be able to make an informed decision, seek qualified medical help in time and realize their dream of becoming a mother.

The project “Honor “Mamo!” was launched at the end of 2018 and is being implemented in two stages. First of all, the problem will be updated – through the media, opinion leaders and social networks, representatives of the target audience will receive comprehensive information about in vitro fertilization methods. Next, work will be carried out with stereotypes in order to debunk the existing myth of IVF as an “extreme method”. The new project is designed to help break the information vacuum that has formed in society.

What is important is that the best reproductologists of the world will speak in the media and share the experience of real people in their attempts to overcome infertility, about the difficulties and victories along the way.

The specialists of the ISIS clinic are doing their best to increase the level of knowledge about the possibilities of modern reproduction among their potential patients and increase the level of confidence in IVF programs among married couples so that everyone has the opportunity to conceive a healthy child. And thanks to the project, we hope that more couples will get hope and will be able to realize their most cherished dream – to become happy parents.

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