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ISIDA Clinic has new wards of the “Standard Plus” category

Imagine that the tedious waiting period has finally come to an end, and you have seen your little miracle for the first time – still so tiny and defenseless! The first days of the baby’s life remain in the memory of the mother for life. The first shouts, the first smiles, the first glances. Therefore, the ISIDA clinic continuously strives to ensure that the conditions in which mom and baby are at the very beginning of their long-awaited acquaintance are as comfortable as possible. The ward of the “Standard Plus” category, which appeared in the ISIDA maternity ward, is a ward of a new design, a new level of quality, the highest comfort for mothers and babies.

It is extremely important that the conditions in which a woman finds herself after childbirth are especially favorable, adapted to all the nuances of such a delicate situation. Our Standard Plus wards are a bright and cozy space, which is especially pleasant to be in during the recovery period. There is everything you need for a comfortable stay of mom and baby, as well as their guests. After all, everyday issues are the “background” to which memories dear to the heart will be recorded in the mother’s memory, and this “background”, from the point of view of the clinic, all its doctors and all service personnel, should be impeccable. In addition, while the mother is recovering after childbirth, our experienced nurses, if necessary, will take all the trouble of caring for the child on themselves.

For the past 26 years, ISIDA has been focused on providing its patients with medical services at the European level of service. Every day we strive to improve and improve the level of services provided in the interests of our patients, including the continuous improvement of the conditions of their stay in all departments of the clinic. After all, happiness and joy in the eyes of our patients, who for the first time take their baby in their arms within the walls of our clinic, give us strength and inspiration for further development and new achievements!

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