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ISIDA Clinic doctors took part in the international symposium of reproductologists “Theory and practice of human reproduction”

The rapid development of assisted reproductive technologies obliges all specialists working in this field to constantly improve their qualifications, be aware of the latest innovations and trends, as well as exchange experience and knowledge with their colleagues. On May 27-29, 2018, an international symposium “Theory and practice of human reproduction” was held in Dnipro under the auspices of the MSAR, which was attended by 450 specialists, including 7 representatives of the ISIDA clinic working in the field of reproductive medicine and interested in receiving the most up-to-date information on this topic.

The symposium was held in the form of lecture and discussion training of doctors with the involvement of not only domestic speakers, but also world-famous foreign speakers. The best reproductologists shared their experience on clinical trials and data on scientific achievements that have a huge impact on the future of the industry.

Most of the presentations at the symposium were devoted to the role of the endometrium in the success of ART programs. Today, there is no doubt that the correct assessment of the functionality of the endometrium is an important prognostic indicator of the possibility of implantation of a healthy embryo. The topic of the endometrial condition in patients before ART and the perinatal consequences of various disorders was highlighted especially vividly in her report, based on the results of the work of specialists of the ISIDA clinic, reproductologist Miroslava Vatsik.

A lot of useful information for practitioners was contained in the report of the deputy chief physician of the Infertility Treatment Center, head of the department “Center for the Treatment of Miscarriage” of the ISIDA clinic, reproductive doctor, geneticist, ultrasound doctor Khazhilenko Ksenia Georgievna, in which she highlighted the topic of hemostasis control in fertility disorders.

Special attention of the symposium participants was attracted by the reports of foreign colleagues on the topic of Asherman syndrome, methods of oocyte sampling, activation and improvement of their quality, preservation of reproductive potential in cancer patients, medical and genetic counseling and the use of the PGD method. In addition, a whole section of speeches was devoted to the psychological state of patients with infertility, a lively discussion also arose around the methods of diagnosis and treatment of chronic endometritis, the role of the influence of premature increase in progesterone levels on the condition of the endometrium and the quality of eggs in ART programs. It should be noted that in the ISIDA clinic, the assessment and accounting of progesterone levels in ART programs is a mandatory option, while the data obtained is regularly analyzed in order to improve the effectiveness of treatment.

As medical practice shows, today it is especially important to establish constant interdisciplinary interaction between reproductologists and embryologists – this allows us to achieve better results in ART programs. Therefore, the staff of the embryological laboratory of the ISIDA clinic also took an active part in the section for embryologists organized as part of the event.

«The symposium showed that an important place in solving the problem of reducing the birth rate in Ukraine, due to which the irreversible destruction of demographic potential occurs, is occupied by assisted reproductive technologies, – notes the obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist of the ISIDA clinic Kapshuk Irina Nikolaevna. – And communication with colleagues, acquaintance with their experience, the opportunity to clarify details during a direct dialogue, in short, everything for which such meetings are held, is of great importance for the professional development of specialists of our clinic.”

We are confident that the knowledge gained during the symposium will help our specialists achieve even better results in the field of ART!

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