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ISIDA Clinic doctors became participants of the international conference ESHRE 2018

On July 1-4, 2018, the largest conference of reproductive specialists was held in Barcelona, which is annually organized by ESHRE – the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. Representatives of the ISIDA clinic have traditionally taken part in this event: the chief physician of the Infertility Treatment Center, reproductologist Svetlana Shiyanova, reproductologist Miroslava Vatsik and the head of the biotechnological laboratory, laboratory geneticist, endocrinologist Evgenia Ulayeva.

The annual ESHRE conference is the largest event in the world of reproductive medicine, annually gathering about 11,000 participants – reproductologists, embryologists, biologists, operating gynecologists, representatives of the average medical staff, psychologists, medical lawyers – not only from Europe, but also from other countries of the world. It is at this conference that all new research and treatment methods are highlighted, helping to improve the provision of care to patients with different types of fertility disorders.

Each of the congress participants comes to get an answer to the most interesting questions for him at the current stage of his professional activity. The exchange of experience is a very important step towards acquiring new knowledge, which every professional strives for. The ESHRE conference gives all participants a unique opportunity to share their accumulated experience, gain new knowledge, and search for truth in live communication with each other.

“Reproductive technologies are one of the most dynamically developing areas, thanks to modern possibilities of genetic diagnostics, prospects are constantly opening up for obtaining information about complex and previously unknown embryo genome data, regulation of the implantation process and the contribution of various factors to this process, – says Svetlana Shiyanova, head and chief physician of the Infertility Treatment Center, a reproductive doctor. “ESHRE gives an opportunity to look at the issue from different angles, as specialists from various fields of activity are thinking about solving problems: gynecologists, reproductologists, biologists, geneticists, andrologists, surgeons, pharmacologists and, including specialists in the non-medical field.”

The reproductologist of the ISIDA clinic Miroslava Vacik supports the opinion about the exceptional importance of this event for a true professional: “This year more than 11,000 participants gathered in Barcelona. And for each of them it is a unique opportunity to listen to lectures by famous professors, exchange experience with colleagues on the sidelines, visit exhibitions and see the latest developments in the field of reproduction. And as a result – to return to the native clinic with advanced knowledge that will help the patients of our clinic to become happy parents.”

ISIDA Clinic specialists have many years of experience in cooperation with the European Community of Human Reproduction and Embryology. And this is one of the components of the high performance of the doctors of the clinic, which has been on a par with the leading European institutions working in the field of human reproductive health for many years. The constant focus on finding innovative solutions in the field of reproductive medicine is an obligatory part of the life of the clinic, which aims to provide its patients with European–level services, and this trend has been consistently maintained at the ISIDA clinic for 26 years of operation.

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