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ISIDA Clinic doctor Svetlana Shiyanova visited the European Academy of Gynecological Surgery in Belgium

Svetlana Shiyanova, Head of the Infertility Treatment Department, reproductive physician at the ISIDA Clinic, visited the European Academy of Gynecological Surgery (“The European Academy of Gynecological Surgery”) in Leuven, Belgium on November 21-24, 2017. At the end of November, a work-shop “Endoscopy in reproductive medicine” was held there. For several decades, the European Academy of Gynecological Surgery has been providing specialists from around the world with the opportunity to obtain certification after training according to scientifically based standards in gynecological endoscopy.

Thanks to intensive research, the Academy and its branches in Cyprus, Paraguay, South Africa and Asia have developed a unique structured curriculum known as the GESEA program. This program has been adopted and supported by European and North American leading societies on gynecology and is undoubtedly a milestone in improving the quality of training in modern endoscopic surgery.

This year, for the first time in the history of the Academy, a presentation and training course was organized jointly with the ESHRE Campus Symposium.

«Workshop in Belgium once again emphasized the importance of endoscopic diagnostics and surgery in reproductive medicine, – says Svetlana Shiyanova. – Reproductive doctors from around the world had the opportunity to undergo practical trainings on laparoscopic surgery and ultrasound, listen to lectures on diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy, transvaginal laparoscopy, operative endoscopy for myomectomy, endometriosis, intrauterine pathology and other problems in the field of reproductive health ».

Of particular interest to all participants were lectures and practical classes by such experts in the world of reproductology as Stefan Gordes (Belgium), Vasilios Thanos (Cyprus), Gregoris Grimbizis (Greece), Ekaterina Exaustos (Italy). Lecture and practical session of ultrasound from Sotirios Saravelos (Great Britain) once again, they focused on the high value of ultrasound research in 3D mode.

«The workshop organized in Belgium was also very interesting because the lectures were interspersed with trainings on simulators that allow you to consolidate theoretical knowledge in practice, – Svetlana Shiyanova continued her story. – There was a very good atmosphere in the lecture halls and educational operating rooms – the training took place in the form of a dialogue. The lecturer raised the topic, and all those present joined the work vividly – they asked questions, shared experiences, and looked for answers to the questions posed together. All workshop participants returned home to their native clinics with the understanding that they could give their patients more, that their professional bar had become higher».

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