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International experience of ISIDA Clinic specialists – Spring 2018

The best reproductologists, geneticists and biologists of the ISIDA clinic regularly improve their skills by attending specialized conferences, congresses, symposiums and workshops in various parts of the world. This gives them a unique opportunity to get up-to-date information about innovations in the field of reproductive medicine, as well as to share their own knowledge and achievements with colleagues.

This spring turned out to be especially full of interesting and informative international events for the specialists of the ISIDA clinic. On April 19-21, Ksenia Khazhilenko, Deputy Chief Physician of the Infertility Treatment Center, Head of the department of the Miscarriage Treatment Center, reproductive physician, geneticist, ultrasound doctor, obstetrician-gynecologist, attended the world meeting of reproductologists, which took place within the framework of the Fertility Academy event in Lisbon:

“A distinctive feature of the seminar was the opportunity not only to listen to the reports, but also during long discussions to ask the speakers all the questions of interest, of which there are always a lot. And the 25-year experience of the ISIDA clinic in the treatment of patients with fertility disorders and the high success of ART programs allows you to talk with colleagues from the best reproductive clinics in the world in the same language, literally and figuratively, at such events.”, – Ksenia Khazhilenko emphasized.

Also in April, Evgenia Ulayeva, head of the biotechnological laboratory, laboratory geneticist, endocrinologist, visited the Embryotools training center in Barcelona and took a master class on “Organization and quality control in the embryological laboratory”. During her visit, Evgenia was able to analyze and give a comparative description of the standards of embryo cultivation in the ISIDA clinic in comparison with European standards:

“It was very nice to learn that many aspects of embryo cultivation introduced and successfully working at the ISIDA clinic were named by the lecturers of the master class as fundamental in the work of embryological laboratories. This means that the ISIDA clinic has every opportunity to provide its patients with services at a level that is in no way inferior to European quality standards.”, – Evgeniya Ulayeva comments on her visit to the training center.

In May, Natalia Korotkevich, a biologist at the ISIDA Clinic, took part in the Alpha International Conference in Iceland. During the event, the participants got acquainted with the latest discoveries in the field of ART concerning the molecular biological aspects of embryo development, the mechanisms of aneuploidy in oocytes, the tactics of preimplantation genetic diagnosis in ART cycles:

“Participation in international conferences allows you to get acquainted with the most significant discoveries in the field of embryology, provides an opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge with colleagues from other clinics and countries. And also gain practical skills through participation in workshops and master classes with the participation of invited specialists from leading European clinics in the field of assisted reproductive technologies”, – Natalia Korotkevich noted.

For us, your confidence is important that the dream of a child is entrusted to people who are able to realize it. Every day we strive to improve the level of services provided and acquire new skills and knowledge, so the participation of our specialists in such international events has a positive effect on the work of the clinic as a whole: new technologies, treatment methods are being introduced and the overall medical strategy is being improved. This practice is not only a chance to compare the capabilities of ISIDA with the reference ones adopted in the best reproductive clinics in Europe, but also an opportunity to get a guideline for further progress. We do not stop there, we strive to become even better and achieve even greater results!

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