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Infertility Treatment Center opens in ISIDA Clinic

ISIDA Clinic is the Ukrainian flagship in the field of ART. Over the 25 years of the clinic’s existence, we have gained tremendous experience in treating all forms of infertility, our specialists have managed to conduct more than 25,000 successful IVF programs, giving the long-awaited joy of parenthood to many married couples. As the next stage of development, a new structural unit is being created at the ISIDA clinic on the basis of the existing and successfully operating infertility treatment department – the Infertility Treatment Center.

The Infertility Treatment Center is being created in order to provide all patients suffering from some form of infertility or having fertility problems with the full range of modern medical services. Diagnosis and treatment of male and / or female factor infertility, genetic studies, endoscopic treatments, etc. – all these medical services clinic patients will be able to receive in a single department of the clinic ISIDA – Infertility Treatment Center.

The Infertility Treatment Center will include several divisions whose work is aimed at treating all forms of infertility and fertility disorders, namely:

  • Department of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). In this department, in order to overcome the male or female factor of infertility, pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby, patients of the clinic can be offered the use of the following modern ART methods: controlled conception, intrauterine insemination, IVF, ICSI, sperm examination, assisted hatching, cryopreservation/vitrification of sperm, eggs and embryos, donation of eggs and sperm for IVF using donor gametes, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and screening (PGS), an innovative method of genetic research of all pairs of NGS chromosomes, as well as assisted motherhood programs.
  • Biotechnological Laboratory. Our own high-tech embryological laboratory allows specialists to apply the most advanced techniques that increase the chance of pregnancy. In the laboratory, work is carried out with male and female germ cells: an egg is fertilized, and with the help of modern methods of preimplantation genetic diagnostics (PGD), the best embryo is selected for use in the IVF program.
  • Miscarriage Center. One of the structural divisions of the ISIDA clinic, whose specialists, using modern diagnostic methods, including genetic analysis, determine the cause of pregnancy loss at various terms, prescribe treatment to prevent repeated miscarriages and the onset of a successful pregnancy.
  • Department of Reproductive Surgery. This department is organized for the purpose of providing surgical care to patients before a planned pregnancy or before an IVF cycle. Depending on each specific situation, operations can be carried out both by classical methods and using minimally invasive, endoscopic surgery methods – by laparoscopy and hysteroresectoscopy.
  • Regional offices. In 2018, the ISIDA clinic plans to open regional offices in Poltava, Zaporozhye and Krivoy Rog. We have extensive experience in remote management of patients in ART programs, so-called transport schemes. This experience will form the basis of the work of regional offices and will help many women to feel the happiness of such a long-awaited motherhood.

Every day we strive to improve and improve the level of services provided in the interests of our patients, so the creation of a Infertility Treatment Center in ISIDA is a natural step. We sincerely believe that we have even more outstanding results and happy patients ahead of us!

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