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“If they finally tell me that there is no chance, I’ll just go to a monastery.”

For many couples in vitro fertilization (IVF) – a long-awaited chance to become happy parents. V. and I. told how it was with them.

When did you consciously have a desire to have a child?
I.: The full realization that I want to become a mother came at the age of 25. But over time, I realized that nothing was working. And my friends took their children to school a long time ago … It was morally difficult for me, there were even breakdowns. I was sure that if they finally told me that there was no chance, I would just go to a monastery. Thank God, I met V., who had a strong desire to have children, and he was ready to do everything for this.

When did you first raise this painful issue with V.?
I.: Yes, that’s where we started – literally on the second date! We immediately found a common interest. For some, it’s roller skates, fishing or something else, but we have children! At first, they casually mentioned that each of us had marriages, but did not become parents… We lived a year without children, treated some non-existent diseases. Then they came to ISIDA – and soon left the clinic with a child!

How long did it take you to try to have children?
Q: Almost 10 years: first separately from each other in the first marriages, then about two years together. We applied to various medical institutions, but did not get the desired result. It seems that the goal of most clinics is only to make money, so the process of “treatment” can be delayed indefinitely. Studies, tests, injections, vitamins… When we realized this, we decided to contact ISIDA. And already from the first, free, consultation in this clinic there was a good impression. The doctor delved into the essence of the problem and voiced a variant of its solution: IVF.
I.: For some reason, we decided that ISIDA is the top, and if not here, then they will not be able to help us anywhere.
Have you been warned that the probability of pregnancy is not 100%?
I.: They treated us honestly, did not hide anything and did not give groundless hopes. They said: at your age, the probability that you will get pregnant with IVF is 50%. We knew right away what we were going for. Probably, our hope and attitude to success were of great importance. After all, everything worked out the first time.

How did you find out about the pregnancy?
I.: The procedure took place on October 22. Two weeks later I had to donate blood and get the results, but I couldn’t stand it – I did a test. When I saw two stripes, I immediately ran to Volodya! And soon I got a call and was informed that everything had worked out! I don’t remember what I told the girls there, but I was incredibly happy!

Сейчас Вы хотите завNow you want to have a second child.ести второго ребенка. Did the thought of this come after the birth of the first or was the second planned in advance?
Q: It seems to me that two children is the best option. You see, I am the only child in the family, I. is also. That is, as a result of the lives of six people (we and our parents) – so far only one daughter-granddaughter. You definitely need to try to give birth to another one.
I.: Besides, our Sasha loves children very much, she is sociable and does not mind replenishment. Often in his drawings he depicts a large family – whole round dances. At ISIDA, thanks to cryopreservation, we still have 8 embryos, and this is at least two attempts. In general, the process has already been launched: in the fall I will start taking tests.

What did you like most about ISIDA?
Q: You know, sometimes you come to a company and you see that people there have achieved consistency in their work. You understand that you may have a common goal and that you are ready to do a joint project with them. That’s exactly the feeling I had when I came to ISIDA.
I.: I really like order and discipline, even in small things. If I see an untidy toilet or an untidy doctor in a medical institution, I will never have confidence in the clinic. ISIDA always has perfect cleanliness, well-trained staff. Everything works like clockwork, everything is in its place, and everyone knows what they have to do.
Your path to parenthood has been a long one. Can you give any advice to couples who find themselves in the same difficult situation?

Q: If you have already defined your goal, then just go to it. The road will not always be easy, but you have to walk along it. The main thing is not to worry in vain, but to think what you can do in this or that situation. Do what you can and don’t stop.
I.: It is very important to believe in a positive result. Let it happen in our country not quite naturally, but with the help of IVF, but thank God that modern medicine gives such an opportunity. My advice is not to despair, not to give up, in any case not to drive yourself into a corner! Believe, hope, look for options, but just don’t sit idly by.

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