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“Having lost two children, I dreamed of a new pregnancy” – the story of Oksana Z. about miscarriage of pregnancy

It is unlikely that there is anything worse for the expectant mother than the loss of her unborn baby. But the real tragedy for any woman is the diagnosis of “habitual miscarriage of pregnancy” – a serious test that inspires reasonable fear, and not everyone can pass it…

It is not easy to read about what our patient Oksana Z. had to go through. Behind every word, behind every sentence, there is an unbearable pain and bitterness of irretrievable losses. Oksana, for reasons that remained unclear for a very long time, lost two children, but this did not break her faith in the best and hope for the birth of a child:

“My first child died in childbirth. He died as soon as the contractions began, although I was at a doctor’s appointment a day before the birth, and he said that neither I nor the child had any health problems. They could not tell me the reason for this. The baby was born without obvious pathologies, the autopsy also did not show any unambiguous cause of death. The only objective fact was that the old placenta was out of time, but the doctors could not name the cause of its premature aging.

Seven years later, I got pregnant again and gave birth to a daughter. The girl was born a little prematurely, there were some problems with her health, but in general everything was fine. My third child was born at the 35th week of pregnancy and fought for his life for two months. But he could not win, despite the efforts of doctors… and again – there was not a single unambiguous cause of his death.

I understood that something was wrong in my body, that there was still a reason why my children were dying. My husband didn’t even want to hear anything about another pregnancy after all he had experienced. But I really wanted a second child, very much! Therefore, in preparation for pregnancy, I passed tests for all infections, doctors checked my body from all sides. Their opinion was unequivocal: I am healthy and can have a healthy child. That’s how my last pregnancy started. I understood by that time that this was literally my last pregnancy, I was already 40 years old, and in the event of another tragedy, I would not have found in myself either physical or moral strength for another attempt.

I started purposefully looking for a clinic to monitor my pregnancy. I wanted to find not just a good doctor, but a comprehensive specialized clinic with experience in observing difficult pregnancies. So I found the ISIDA clinic. It was here, in this clinic, that it was first announced that the problem was in my blood clotting system. This problem appeared only during pregnancy, in its second half, it was this that “aged” the placenta, led to chronic oxygen starvation of my children and to a tragic ending.

Immediately after registration, I was placed under the supervision of a specialist with experience in dealing with such problems. I scrupulously followed all the doctor’s prescriptions aimed at stabilizing my hematopoiesis and … I was very afraid for the life of my child.

Our son was born a little prematurely, at 38 weeks of pregnancy. And one of the best neonatologists of Ukraine was immediately invited to him. Neither me, nor my husband, nor any of my relatives had to look for a specialist, arrange a consultation, everything was done in ISIDA “on the machine”, somehow unnoticed by me, at such a high level of medical service that I never even dreamed of. Rather, when I chose a clinic to monitor pregnancy, I preferred ISIDA to other clinics precisely because of the very high level of service. But I did not think that this would also affect the postpartum support of our child.

Our son is now 7 years old and the only problem we have to solve is the consequences of my fears that I experienced during pregnancy. The kid lived them together with me, now we are removing them with the help of a psychologist. Otherwise, this is a completely healthy child, for the birth of which I am very grateful to the doctors of the ISIDA clinic.”

We are incredibly happy that our heroine’s long-awaited dream has come true – this is the biggest reward for everyone who participated in the birth of her little miracle! We sincerely hope that this inspiring story will give confidence and faith in the best to all women and couples who are fighting every day for their biggest dream – to become parents. You will succeed!

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