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Gynecologist Elena Mukhina answered the questions of the participants of the conference “I will be a mom!”

Like everything in our life, motherhood has two sides of the coin. The first is an incredibly wonderful feeling of happiness and love for your baby, and the second is the difficulties and problems faced by young mothers in the first year of the baby’s life. Hundreds of questions and many fears arise in a woman’s head from the very first minutes of pregnancy. From this moment on, the expectant mother is waiting for big changes that will affect not only her body, but also her lifestyle.

In recent years, a lot of attention has been paid to a conscious approach to the role of a parent, pregnancy and family planning are strongly encouraged. To this end, on October 27, an inspiration conference “I will be a mom!” was held in Kiev, where leading obstetricians, gynecologists, pediatricians, therapists, fitness trainers, time management specialists for young mothers and breastfeeding consultants answered the most pressing questions of expectant mothers. The participants were particularly interested in the performance of the head of the ISIDA Pechersk division, obstetrician-gynecologist Elena Mukhina.

Elena Anatolyevna told about why pregnancy is a wonderful period in the life of every woman, during which, if pregnancy proceeds without complications, there is no need to give up intimate life. After all, sex is an excellent source of positive emotions, stabilizes the hormonal background, “trains” intimate muscles for the upcoming childbirth:

«The question of whether sex will harm the unborn child is one of the most frequently asked by expectant mothers, – says gynecologist Elena Mukhina. – If you also have questions on this topic, but you did not manage to attend the event with us, ask them on our website, and we will definitely answer you».

Please note that ISIDA pays special attention to educational work: ISIDA WEEKEND seminars are held every weekend at the clinic. At these meetings, everyone can get valuable information from experienced obstetricians, gynecologists, anesthesiologists, neonatologists and pediatricians. In a lively, relaxed atmosphere, the participants of the meeting can ask professionals any of their questions and get an exhaustive answer.

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