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For the first time in my life I saw these two stripes

“6 years ago, we first thought about a child. It seemed that a month or two and we would see the desired two stripes on the test. Every month there will be photos of a growing tummy, framed photos with ultrasound, the birth of a baby, young parents … and the continuation of the fairy tale, endless and cloudless.

A year later, the examination, hormones, and the search for a diagnosis began. Setting one and removing the other. And in each clinic everything is new, tests, hormones, assurances that everything will work out for sure now. And so on for about 3 more years. Endless clinics alternated with switching attention, but there was no result and it was impossible to switch completely.

And then we got into ISIDA. And earlier we thought about this clinic, but somehow we switched our attention, tried something, went somewhere. And then in a week several people advised to come here. One doctor told us – “go to Ksenia Khazhilenko and at the beginning of summer you will leave with a tummy.”
The first consultation gave me confidence and I realized that with Dr. Khazhilenko and Dasha Kinyuk we will definitely come to our dream. It so happened that the start of treatment had to be postponed that year. But already in the next one – 2016 – we were sure that everything would work out.

It was a difficult period, but we felt the support, attention, understanding of Dr. Xenia and Dasha. Their professionalism and confidence gave us no reason to doubt. Yes, sometimes you go to the dream for longer than you would like, but it’s worth it. We understood that failures are also an experience and every step brings us closer to the goal.

As a result of examinations, ART attempts, we came to IVF.

I didn’t think that everything would work out the first time. I’ve heard a lot that the first IVF is a trial, and already from the second there are more chances. There were a lot of fears at the beginning of the protocol. And on the day of the transfer, when everything was done, they put an ultrasound photo in my hand and said, “here’s your baby.” I can’t convey those emotions. Of course, this was the beginning, no one knew how it would be. But it was already MY baby, OURS.

And after 7 days, without waiting for hCG, I did a test, and for the first time in my life I saw two strips. I will not convey my emotions and my husband’s. Overflowing happiness and desire to remember this moment, to live it together and in complete silence. Only with incredible, to the point of trembling, happiness inside. And after about 30 minutes, we asked each other one question – “is it true? is this happening to us?”.

And a few days later there was a call and the HCG result confirmed everything. And it was the beginning of summer.
And then there were photos of the tummy, there were ultrasounds and careful gluing of them into a notebook. There were cherished ones – “you will have a daughter”… And now there’s a tiny palm in my hand. Kisses of your favorite heels. The first recognition of parents, the first smiles.

I can’t find the words to express how grateful we are to Dr. Ksenia Khazhilenko, Dasha, and my Wife, who were with us, supported us and thanks to whom we know exactly what happiness looks like.

Thank you!” – our patient E.

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