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For 25 years we have been giving the joy of motherhood!

This year ISIDA Clinic celebrates a big anniversary – as many as 25 years since its foundation!

Today ISIDA is the largest specialized mother and child clinic in Ukraine, one of the main activities of which is the treatment of infertility.

In 1992, we were one of the first in Ukraine to master modern assisted reproductive technologies at that time and began to give hope for the birth of a child to infertile couples. Almost 23 years ago, thanks to the efforts of ISIDA doctors, our first “IVF baby” was born, and in 1998 a baby was born in the clinic thanks to the use of ICSI techniques for the treatment of severe male infertility.

Since then, we have grown from a small infertility treatment center into the largest metropolitan network of four clinics, and now we are actively developing a network of regional branches. Today, the infertility treatment department of the ISIDA clinic is a team of 34 specialists whose knowledge, talent and skills can practically work wonders. Over 25 years of work, our reproductive doctors have conducted 22,470 successful IVF programs.

A special place in our clinic is occupied by the center for cooperation with foreign clients. Every year, more than 1,500 foreign patients hoping to become parents apply to the ISIDA clinic.

We are constantly mastering the world’s most advanced methods in the field of treatment of all forms of infertility, and all our services comply with international quality standards of medical services. In 2016, ISIDA received a certificate of international accreditation according to the British standard QHA Trent.

For more than 25 years, we have been trusted with the most precious thing in life – the realization of the dream of a child. We are grateful to our customers for their perseverance, dedication and confidence in our abilities! Happiness and joy in the eyes of our patients, who take their baby in their arms for the first time, give us strength and inspiration for further development and new achievements!

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