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Doctors-reproductologists Svetlana Shiyanova and Ksenia Khazhilenko held a master class in reproductology

26 years of work and more than 25,000 babies born, despite the most difficult diagnoses – these are the results of the well-coordinated teamwork of the specialists of the ISIDA clinic. For many years of work, our doctors have allowed tens of thousands of women to feel the joy of motherhood and restore health and harmony of life. Each of our doctors is a professional with many years of experience, most have the highest qualification category, many have a scientific degree in medicine. Doctors are constantly interning abroad, are members of international professional associations, and also train colleagues from other medical centers.

On October 19, 2018, the chief physician of the Infertility Treatment Center, reproductologist Shiyanova Svetlana Vladimirovna and the head of the infertility treatment department, head of the Miscarriage Treatment Center, reproductologist, geneticist, ultrasound doctor Khazhilenko Ksenia Georgievna held a master class on “Implantation, fertility disorders and obstetric problems”. The event brought together 75 specialists from various clinics and women’s consultations in the Ukrainian capital – obstetricians and gynecologists, reproductive doctors and ultrasound doctors.

ISIDA Clinic specialists have extensive practical experience in conducting various assisted reproductive technology (ART) programs and infertility treatment. In their work, they apply innovative methods of treatment, use the best equipment of European manufacturers, regularly take part in domestic and foreign scientific and practical seminars, undergo internships in leading European clinics. All this gives them a unique opportunity to share their accumulated knowledge and experience with colleagues, discussing current topics and the latest achievements in the field of reproductive technologies. It is not surprising that after the end of the master class, the biggest wish for the lecturers was a request to continue holding events of this format in the future.

For nine hours Svetlana Shiyanova and Ksenia Khazhilenko considered the most relevant topics and areas of medicine in a live dialogue with the participants of the master class. Answering the questions of those present, the specialists of the ISIDA clinic, together with the participants of the event, were looking for possible solutions to the following problems: endometrial condition and embryonic pathologies, congenital and acquired uterine abnormalities, chromosomal pathologies, aloimmune disorders and disorders in the coagulation system. The doctors participating in the master class were particularly interested in clinical cases and long-term, obstetric and neonatological consequences of implantation disorders.

The master class “Implantation, fertility disorders and obstetric problems” was an excellent opportunity for the specialists of the ISIDA clinic not only to share their own knowledge with colleagues, but also to borrow their experience of treatment, further expanding the horizons of their capabilities in this direction.

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